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Walk with my son

Anay has started walking almost by himself. Well, it’s still almost coz I feel that his balance has not yet strengthened fully and it’ll need some more time for him to be called as ‘walking’.
On Sunday evening, I took him downstairs for his usual evening outing. Normally, we take him to the swings, get him to take some rides, occasionally sit on bench while he ponders around, and then head back home. All this activity takes around 30 minutes, at max. I know, that’s like too less for a kid. But, that’s the maximum I can roam around him.
So, this Sunday, I let him roam rather than take him to the swings. And, to my surprise, he didn’t go to the swings. He went to the shrubs around…touched their leaves, then walked some more. Went to the badminton area. He would silently look at me, whenever he needed my help, in let’s say, climbing the stairs. I don’t know how but his body language, his eyes communicate whatever there is for him to say. 🙂 It’s a nice feeling. It feels like it’s just a mom-son thing, even if it’s not. 😛
So, I took him around the society. He  went everywhere. He directed the walk and never myself. He picked a feather of a pigeon, watched the birds flying in the sky, looked at the sky-rocketing towers in the society, at the balconies and the under-wears drying there. Basically, everything that makes the world, makes our life.

It seemed like I was showing him the world. It seemed like it was a walk together. I understood what they meant when they said “Best friends are those with whom you don’t talk and still it’s the best conversation you had”. I mean, I never thought that a blabbering person like me could ever understand such  a silent conversation. But, my son brought that experience to me through this walk.

It was really a walk to remember.

To add to the tit-bits happening, Anay has started taking a lot of interest in girls suddenly 😛
On multiple occasions he has shown biased nature, inclining towards girls than boys. Isn’t it too early, kid?? Well, as they say in hindi “poot ke pair paalne mein nazar aa jate hain”.

For the fun for readers, let me put down the instances which have forced us family-members to see that he’s actually a lady’s man!
1. Me, T and my FIL had gone to dentist. MIL wasn’t well so we took Anay along. At the dentist, in the waiting area, FIL was trying to keep him busy with a key-bunch while I and T went on with our doc visit. Anay forcefully takes the keys from FIL, gives it to the lady (in her teens/20s) sitting next. She gives it back to him, he takes it then puts it back on her palm. Does this thrice. Then, she playfully, closes her fist with the keys inside and he gives a nice, lovely smile to her…almost blushing. She smiles and gives it back to him. Next, his boyfriend, sitting next tries to play the same game with Anay. He extends his hand to take the keys. Anay Darling extends his hand to give the keys and with the second hand, shoves off the big-guy’s hand. :O Whoa!! Man, you’re not just a flirt, you’re openly shooing off other guys. Hang On! Your mom is not able to catch up!
2. We were walking at night while Anay was enjoying the swings with MIL and FIL. A girl comes to the swings (around 5 yrs of age). He starts going behind her. Then, takes her hand and starts walking with her. MIL and FIL call him and he doesn’t care to listen. When the girl’s dad comes and takes him to the swing, he stands and watches behind her, hoping to get her back.

Man!! I know all men are same but wouldn’t he take some time and be a boy or just a child before he starts on to become a man!? I don’t know if I’m happy to know he’s straight or am concerned to know that I know this fact so soon!!?

Take Care Anay. Buckle up Swati Garg! God be with both! 🙂


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