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“Women,…. make a man want to shoot himself in the head and be done with it.”

This pretty much sums what women do to a man in a relationship, as per a man’s perspective. You ask any man whose been in a serious relationship, and he would agree to this. I read this somewhere and really liked it. So, you can take this to be true too. Or, you could go the hard way and figure it out yourself. And, come to the same conclusion 🙂

But, is that how I, your Mom, would explain the relationship between herself and your father? No. It goes much deeper than this. And I sincerely hope that your dad, despite agreeing with above, would say that I’m the best thing that happened to him. 🙂

Love is the best emotion, a great support and a continuous fall-back when it happens at the right time, at the right age, to the right person. But, if it goes wrong, as it often does, it leaves a lot of scars to yourself and to all others involved. 

That is why, it’s best to let it happen on it’s own, at it’s own time and pace. Not to go looking for it. I know it’s easier said than done. But, when I got married to your Dad, I penned the following lines.
” Love is like a tree which blossoms and grows as long as we both keep watering it.”

This means that as long as we both want to be together and wish to keep loving each other, we’ll keep making efforts. We’ll do whatever it takes to be together, no matter what the odds. But, the moment someone grows out of it and stops watering the love tree, love will fade out and will die one day. 

Since it’s a tree which needs continuous or at least periodic attention, it’s best to have it once you’re settled in life. Perhaps, that’s the reason people get married or chose their partners once they are settled in their careers. 

There are lot many ups and downs that come in a relationship. The different expectations, difference in humans make it a big effort to make it work together. But, once you’re beyond that point, it’s a great support to have. The kind of warmth and freedom you feel, to know that you’ve someone who understands you, and wouldn’t mock you if you cry…it’s a precious thing to have. When it is backed with a marriage, the whole society, the world tries to help you deal with it. But, when it’s outside the wedlock, you agree to face a lot of it and much more, alone.

Well, these things will come when you’re seriously in love with the girl. If you’re not, please honor me with this one rule which I would like you to follow.
No matter what state you’re in, whatever your expectations are from the lady, always remember to respect her. They are more than just sex objects and a show-off for your friends. You maybe immature but your misdeeds/mishandling can shape/de-shape someone’s future. And, you don’t need to go too far to spoil it. Girls are too tender and their hearts can be broken by just playing with their feelings. You would meet a lot of girls who would show to be very hard and tom-boyish on the face of it, but inside, they all come from the same species. Trust me! 

If you ever are in a situation where you never felt for her but she feels for you, please spare her the sympathies and be honest. Have the courage and be honest and tell her your real feelings. It may hurt her then but she would respect you much much more than if you rather accept her and be dishonest with her.

Anay, I know the post is too short and the topic is too wide. Hope it is a tiny bit useful.



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