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How I would live my life if I relived it.

I’ve often mentioned about the Phoenix times of my life that happened when I was in US. And, the changes it brought to my life. 
The time has brought so much change that I’m a totally new person.People from my past life, when they meet me, none of them has failed to say ‘Swati,you’ve changed a lot. A Lot.’ I don’t know whether the change is good or bad to them. I just know I’m happy with the changes.
But, after the changes, I wish I had some changes in my past life too. I miss some things which I could have back then, and cannot have now. I would like to list them here. I feel like I missed on them, and would like to re-live my life.

1. Have a girl’s gang.
2. Go to a girl’s college like LSR for Women.
3. Be a Bitch.
4. Never have entered an Engineering College.
5. Wish I had not been such a bright student, but a little lesser one so that I could have been left to my own means, and not pushed for a little extra always. That would have saved me so much misery. 
6. Had been more closer to my Mom back then. I’m so close to her now that I miss not being that, then.
7. Had a no-boys world for myself back then.
8. Got into blogging at that time.
9. Got over my fear for animals.
10. Learnt dancing.
11. Learn Radio Jockeying
12. Tried wood-crafting, Craftwork on professional levels, Interior Designing, Cooking, Managed a library.
13. Traveled a lot more with friends.
14. Last but not the least, after having tried my hand at everything, chosen a field I truly loved, and being pursuing that by the age of 25.

I think I can keep the list going on and on. But, I think the crux is in there mostly.

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