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A Note to Self

Remember and Re-vise whenever you stand on such a conjunction ever in life.

There will be times when you would feel like it’s all getting too much to handle. You don’t know what next is going to happen in life. You’ll feel that everything is going to go wrong and you’ll lose everything you have built so far.
Stop! Stand firm. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Remember the last time you were in the same situation. Remember? What happened? 
Nothing went wrong. Everything went fine. You may not have got what you planned for but God gave you something else which was far more better and made your life much much better, than you had planned initially.

You only fear that what if things went wrong. Don’t fear. Trust God. Have faith in him. And, take the leap. The ‘Leap of Faith.’ If things went wrong, you have the capability, the strength to strike back. To stand up again. Just like you did then. And, every time it happens, you come back as a better person.

So, don’t fear these times. These are opportunities which come in the garb of risks. Too many risks. So, rather than fearing, and feeling like running away – Smile Dear!

Your time is coming. 🙂


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