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Decisions / Career choices

As you grow up to become an adult, there will be times when you reflect on your life. On such occasions, you would be able to pin-point on specific times in your life which changed your life considerably. Though everything that happens in our lives, has some significance and some effect on the future of our lives, but we fail to notice it, at that moment.
For example, even a simple act of eating our regular food, there could be a chance that we’re eating a rotten eggplant that had a small part of it going bad, and the cook failed to notice it. It chance-happened to fall in your portion of the plate and you ended up having food-poisoning. 
Or, even the regular tea you take in your office is the cause of your acidity and it is not noticeable right now, but will show up in a time-span of 5 yrs.

Well, the post is not about the small nothings and how stupid things affect ur stomach. The post is about the decisions I took in my life which changed or defined my career. Some of the people may like to call it ‘mistakes’ of my life. But, whatever they were, they define my career and Me.

1. US trip 2009: Well, it was everything a turning point could have. Sudden, dramatic, all-previous-plans-busted or halted, complete life changed and in a matter of a week. The life was going boring and routine. I was preparing for MBA entrance. My preparation was going solid. My CAT had already happened. My office project was about to end. I reached office having the expectation of some free time for a few days, no work and hopefully some new novels to read. But, as turning points are, my manager informed me through a mail, that I’ve a client-interview slated for that evening. That-very-evening. He didn’t even feel the need to at least call me and give me a head start. Well, as luck would have it. I decided to just give it my best and forget it. I knew it was for a client sitting in US and I’ll have to go there if I cleared it but I didn’t dwell on that part much. My track record of interviews was so bad that I had no reasons to believe or think otherwise. 😛 So, I had my interview at 9.30 PM (or, was it 10.30 PM?) Well, it was short. He asked me a few questions, answered more himself than me, and ended the interview in half-an-hour. I never thought it would be much. I had my XAT the coming weekend so I better concentrate on that. I did.
While returning from my examination hall with my Dad, when I switched my phone back on, I had received a msg from my colleague that I had got through my interview and was supposed to fly to US within a week’s time. Bamm! 

Life taken a 360 degree turn and a fast-forward. 

I never knew or thought the trip would change so much of me, so much for me, so much within me. 
It did. The experience was not a pleasant one. But, it is a cherished one. And life is much better and different from what it was.

Moral: Fate is more powerful than you. And, sometimes it’s wiser than you too.

2. Bangalore visit, 2010: A cousin brother working at a good post. Offers me a good position at one of the leading giants in Computers. The position is of Program Manager. I would have to give a dummy interview to a manager in Bangalore. I was already slated to travel to Bangalore for a week with Tarun anyways. Wow! 
I am worn out of my job at HCL. I have been dying to move out of it and get into another company. If I don’t, I would perhaps just quit my career and sit at home than waste my time and energy working here. I am looking forward to the opportunity given to me by my big-brother. 
But, as I reach there, as I get to understand the opportunity more, I realize its something that people talk of, getting job through connections, just because you know someone powerful, you’re there. Despite being desperate for a job change, despite the role being my dream role, I turned it down. 
I don’t think I could have survived the knowledge that I’m having the job because a brother of mine is sitting there above. I’m working because the world is dirty and unfair. I’m earning my livelihood, my salary, because of someone’s favors. 
After 2 months of declining the offer, I received my offer letter from Cadence. The position was earned. The salary was mine and received because of my work, not because of a connection. 

Moral : There maybe easier paths in life which may give you better and faster results but they ask for something lot more in return, and that’s your conscience.

3. Bangalore again, 2012: The decision is taken. But, I’m not able to stick to it. As yet. Every time, every weekend, I revisit and something irks me to revisit it. Sometimes its a remark from some friend. Sometimes its Anay falling sick and me thinking on how I’m going to take care of him alone. Other times, its my insides talking to me and asking me on the real reasons for my decision.

Well, its a long story. But, the important part is, this is a time when am leaving a secure space, a settled position, a job, for unknown. For challenges.

It turns out to be a mistake or first step towards growth, is yet to be known. Time’s running fast. I’ll know the results soon.

The Moral is to be learnt yet.
But, am sure it’s going to go down as an important turning point in my career/life.

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