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Well, it’s been long since I posted about what’s up with Anay. There isn’t much yet he’s never still. Even in his sleep, he keeps on checking once in a while, if there’s someone sleeping around him or not. He should not be alone in the room. As he sees some human presence, he peacefully goes back to sleep.

He’s a slow one. Of course, I know that. He’s yet to get all his teeth. As of today, he has 5 teeth on the top and 2 at the bottom. O Lord, give him the rest soon. He looks good with the bunny toothy smile. Ummya! 🙂

He has a big head. Even at the time he was born, the doctor said that his head is amongst the bigger ones but nothing abnormal there. I wonder if any mother finds her child imperfect. I love him anyways.

He doesn’t speak a lot, at least, nothing legible. He can say ‘Mamma’, ‘Papa’ ‘Baba’ but he won’t use it to call out people. He just blabbers it just like any other word. Now, of late, he has started calling me and Tarun. But, But, But….. 😛 He calls me ‘Papa’ and him ‘Mamma’ 😀

We’re tired of telling him the right ones but he doesn’t budge. Perhaps, since I used to ask him to say Papa, whenever he said ‘Mamma’. So, I think he must have got muddled then 😛

It’s funny, it’s cute, it’s heart-warming. He’s always busy doing something. Yet, I cannot say what he does all day. He picks up stuff and tries to steal eyes and throw it out of the balcony. As soon as someone tries to catch him, he runs! At least that’s what ‘he’ thinks he’s doing. He still cannot walk properly so when he’s trying to run, he’s just picking up his feet a bit more higher and walking a little faster than his normal. But, the chances of his falling are higher. 😀

He does something which seems like he’s dancing but it’s a dance I cannot yet categorize in a known dance form. 🙂 Let’s just say, it’s Anay Dance.

He likes Temptations Chocolate, the only chocolate I like. He also doesn’t like Dairy Milk. So, I’m content that he takes something from me. 😛 He likes to sleep late on weekends, just like me. 😛

And, he’s become too much a mule. Stubborn like hell. If he wants something, his ‘un-un-un’ will not stop till you give him that. If you snatch it and keep it away, he’ll start wailing till you distract him with something better. And, he doesn’t get distracted easily. He would not forget the thing he was asking for till you give something totally new and better. Else, he’s persistent with his pursuit. He’s cunning to get back to it once he’s bored with the second thing.

Also, he’s learned how to fool people. He’ll bring a bite to your mouth as if to feed you, and as soon as you open your mouth, he would take it away, saying ‘achaa!’ 😀

Idiot! Silly! Bandar!

But,as they say, tedha hai par mera hai! I love him. Totally. 🙂


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