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I feel like blogging the whole day today.
I don’t know if I will but bear it as long as you can.

Post1: Cooking

In my 2 yrs experience in the kitchen, I’ve realized one thing. If you want to make anything yummy, anything at all, just fry the ingredients/vegetables in ghee before you go on with your regular recipe. The thing will turn out awesome. 
And, if you want to add more to it, just add some nuts (kajoo esp) to the gravy.
I’ve tried and tested it on paneer lababdar, pindi chana(chhole), veg biryani, fried idli…etc etc

Don’t tell me its so unhealthy. I already know it and that’s why am not happy with this solution. I wish there was an alternative to this greasy option. I like tasty food and I don’t think one needs to abstain from yummy things to live longer and healthier. I want to eat everything, okay with moderation.


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