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What is the best profession you would suggest, for a person who loses interest if he finds someone else doing it. I mean, the person wants to be the best and the only person doing such a job.

Please do comment. You can leave anonymous answers if you’re uncomfortable putting names to yourself/you reply.


3 thoughts on “Question

  1. Psychologist coz in that way he can cure himself or herself to come out of this habit and other one is to be a Prime Minister or President of India…there is only one person who can hold the position at a time…..:D

  2. 🙂 Well said. It's more of a state. I think the solution is to stop thinking and start doing. Just work and work to ace at whatever you're doing. I think the popular adage 'Practice makes a man perfect' actually holds true in the literal way. To reach perfection or excellence, one needs to practice and practice.

  3. Well I love your enthusiasm about each task or work do keep it forever …… My experience of living with some perfectionist is that, they look for the next challenge as soon as they master one skill…The advice to this person from my experience would be….just reach the top of any 1 task however small …enjoy that euphoria…the urge of getting that euphoria again will give you the boost to try something new and succeed at it.

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