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Well, as expected, as discussed, I have finally moved to Bangalore.

It’s been crazy right from the word ‘go’. Whether we think from the time when we were in the decision-making phase, or when we were in the resignation-shifting-moving phase, or now, when we’ve shifted. I don’t know how this could be but if I’m really honest on my blogs, then the one thing I’ll have to be honest about is that this was an impromptu decision. Even now, I and Tarun think if it was a right thing to do. Somehow the decision, the move is not getting permanent and perfect.

Normally, when you take a decision, you stick to it and you’re ready for the consequences. Here, every time some hiccup comes, we’re back to the decision-making phase, and asking ourselves or each other – ‘Was it the right thing to do to uproot everything, a very happily settled life, for this?’

Well, I don’t know if it was right or not, I’m blaming fate for it, but I’m not running back. I’m going to see through this and see what and why was I brought here.

So, to quickly pen down the highlights of the journey so far, here you go!

We reached Bangalore on 10 September 2012, Saturday, at 12.00 PM. Well, what was the first impression of Bangalore? With sign boards of start-up companies hanging from every other balcony, you feel like you’ve arrived in a dream-fulfilling dream. The city lures you to start dreaming. Whether you’re a milk man or you’re an IT consultant with no life, every one has the capability and the possibility of becoming a honcho tomorrow. Just dream big.
It felt like, Finally I’ve arrived!

But, the start-ups, are exactly what pops your balloon when you land into one.
I never mentioned about the company I had the offer from and for which I left the comfortable life. Well, it is kind-of-a-start-up. It’s growing fast. The name’s being well known in my professional circles. So, I was not expecting a company sitting in a residential area. Well, they are not exactly in a residential place. They have two offices, in very good parts of the city, and one upcoming in Whitefield. But, somehow, I still wasn’t ready for even this much of a startup. I never knew but I was acclimated to a certain amount of standards in the company and I never knew they can falter in new ones. Like the coffee machine is supposed to be always working. If it’s broken there’s always a second machine available to go n pick ur tea from. So, as it was to be, the machine broke in my office and no one turns up to fix it for the whole day. It’s only when I left the office due to a head-ache, and come back the next day, do I find the machine fixed.

So, to summarize, I can tell you that am not totally settled in my company. Please don’t mention it anywhere. Am still struggling with accepting this fact. Tarun is not ready to accept it either.

Now, if facilities were not enough to unsettle me, I meet my Manager. Phew! The guy doesn’t speak, or speaks in such low voice, it instantly puts me off. If there’s one thing a manager should have, is confidence in himself and some amount of command in his voice. I don’t know if it’s a prerequisite for me, or it is something they also teach in B-schools. If they don’t, they should. Having worked under numerous managers, I’m wary of those who don’t have a strong voice. They always end up as the tame sorts, whom anyone can come and say anything, and they won’t retaliate. They never have the capability to stand up for you in important forums. They never are able to represent the team in the positive light, they’re supposed to. So, this guy is totally that. I’ve to stretch my ear till my leg to hear what he’s saying.
To add to it, he’s seeming to be a womanizer too – a trait I’ve sincerely come to despise. I don’t need a tag of womanizer managers favoring me and my growth. I’ve worked hard and earned it myself, and there have been no untoward favors anywhere. Why should I be looked down upon or questioned just because someone else has a problem with his attitude?
The guy takes the girls of his team out for lunch while casually neglecting the guys in the team. Idiot! I hate him already. Such people think they are favoring the ladies but in reality, they are actually doing damages to them. You’re supposed to be gentle to the ladies but you do not need to take sides.

Anyways, this is Bangalore. People change jobs more often than they change their shoes. So, if I can’t find something befitting me here then I can’t find it anywhere.

Lemme add a amusing incident to spice up the post. I get a call from a consultant for a job opening from a big name. He says ‘the company is in Whitefield. Will you be able to manage commuting?’ I said, ‘yes, why not? That’s why I’m applying, right?!’
He: ‘Well, there are lot of people who say it’s very far off from our place so we can’t manage’
Me: ‘That’s a luxury Bnglr people can afford. Noida people are not used to it.’

Seriously! In Noida, the companies are so numbered that leaving a company just because it’s a little far from home, seems outrageous. Maybe, in a few months, I’ll get used to it too.

Hey, one more thing. The people are great. Helping. Despite being the IT hub and growing leaps and bounds, when you talk to someone, ask them for help or anything, they will talk to you as if they have no other work to do. Feels like North India and North-Indians are real trash in humanity standards. We really need to work on our skills there.
That’s all for now. Ciao!


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