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Life is going beautiful

Well, it’s been quite some time since I got privacy and circumstances suitable for my blogging. I want to capture and log in all that has passed. So much has passed in this last one month.

Office front, it was quite insecure in the beginning. I wish I could catalog the series of emotions I went through then. The setup, the facilities, the people, everything seemed alien to me. Bangalore, which seemed just another work place in India suddenly became a reality and a reality very different from the one I knew. While we Northies are very comfortable with Southies working with us, settled in NCR, but we could never begin to understand the alienness it feels in the beginning. You can only understand it once you’ve experienced it yourself.

The people are Indians but because there mother-language is different, they are different from you.

While you would have often heard people(/done yourself) cursing outsiders coming to Delhi and then abusing the city, you find your position reversed. You’re in the company of people who’re the natives and ‘you’ are the outsider whose taking their opportunities, abusing ‘their’ city and ‘you’ should be ashamed of it. While I never said anything anti-Bangalore, I think even the simple remarks on their language or on the state of affairs must look abusive to them. Because, you’re an outsider so even if you’re just joking sarcastically, they take it as a comment from you. I faced some of such embarrassing looks from my colleagues. I still need to work on what I speak and how I speak it. I get friendly with people pretty soon but it takes them time to accept it.

Anyways. Work-wise and people-wise, I’m starting to settle in my place of work. People are warming up to me and my idiosyncrasies. I found a very helping woman here – Shalini. She works with me in my office. She helped me right from finding an flat in her apartments (without brokerage) to getting the basic stuff for home arranged. Stove, Cylinder…God, the list is endless. I felt like my MIL’s social nature is here with me in her garb. Co-incidentally, she shares her birthday with my MIL 😛 Others are good too. Funny and friendly Asha, the fresh and innocent Ambika, the outspoken and a little immature, though my-age, Padma.

At personal front, ever since I got Anay back from home, I’ve started to settle. Life is still taking time to fall into a routine. My bad habit of sleeping till late hasn’t given me up. Tarun still needs to wake me up, no matter how many alarms he put. And then, I’m running and running and running. One day he got very furious that you have to wake up yourself and take stock of your responsibilities. I don’t like to bully you like this. I was ashamed. Next day I woke up at 6.00 myself. Put up an alarm from 5.30 at night and woke up without Tarun’s call. He was happy. Helped me in the kitchen too saying that when you are working, I don’t mind helping. Next day onwards, I’m back to my regular routine – of Tarun waking me up. 😀 😉 😀

Anay, he’s become the apple of our eyes. We’re so besotted by him and his childish actions, that even while watching a movie, we are many a times watching him than the movie. 😀 His little dance when you feed him junk, his breaking out and walking on his own when we take him to a mall. He would keep walking and stand in the path of people and wait for them to reach him and see him, maybe give him a pat on his head. I don’t know if every child does it, but I never knew children had so much to offer. 🙂 It’s a pure bliss to have him with me. I don’t know if he was so active even back in Noida or is it only that I got so much time to watch him here. Another reason why I’m liking the change.

I miss Cadence. I miss my friends. I miss the warmth of NCR which had all become home to me. But, I like the individuality, the freedom, the sense of responsibility, the purpose Bangalore has brought  to my life. There are lot of challenges but none bothers me. Everything seems to be falling in place. I’m happy in my small hole of bliss. Till it lasts 😉 🙂