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3 months of ups and lows

Well, after really long gap, I’ve got the opportunity to write back to my blog. Have been aching to get back but never got the chance. It’s not like I didn’t have the time, I was never alone. I need my privacy when penning my thoughts. With one laptop at home and that totally occupied by Tarun, I don’t get free time + PC free. And, I’m totally avert to the idea of Tarun watching over while I blog.

Never mind.

So, in the past three months of my stay in Bangalore, a lot of ups and downs have come. Uncertainties, shocks, surprises, challenges, and recognition. Well, I’ve seen it all. 🙂 But, overall, I would say it was worth every penny spent. And the learnings, as much harsh, are worth keeping.
Let me try and put down the events and my learnings with them quickly here.

Loss of a near one: I lost a cousin of mine. He was 22, diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Within 4 months of detection of the cancer to the end, it all happened that fast. These days medical science has grown so much that one would believe there’s no disease which cannot be treated. And Cancer, well, what’s the big deal. I was really not prepared for this. The brother was a first of its kind in the whole world with that type of cancer. Before that, AML was found only at later age of life, like after 35 yrs of age. He was a bare 22. Even when they put him to ventilator, I was sure he would come back. The astrologers had said he had a long life. He was one with a never-say-die attitude. Even till the end, he never thought that he would die. He just thought it was a long battle that he would have to fight but he would win. It showed on his face, in his attitude. It’s a difficult thing to accept that its over. It really is over. What I need to learn from this…
  1. Time never returns. No matter how well you felt for the person, how good and deep your feelings were for the person, you may never get a chance to tell him later. Tell them now, else you will regret it forever. At the time, he was battling with the disease, I was busy shifting to Bangalore. My life was a mess and I never got time to call him or his parents and ask for his health. I know none of it could have changed his condition but it helps you heal later. Now, I feel a guilt on my heart calling my Mausi or Mausaji. I feel ashamed of going in front of them. I feel like I abandoned them in their times of need. So, call your relatives often. Even if it’s nothing more than a hello. It makes them feel you close.
  2. Love your loved ones when you’ve time. These days in the mad rush of making your child learn to run, to compete in the fast world, we forget how much we love them. My Mausi n Mausaji lost their son, their child, the child they had loved so much. And in the 4 months when he was slipping away from their hands, the only thing they wanted was to keep him in never let go from their sight. Love your child unconditionally. How does it matter if he learns to throw a ball little later than the rest of the children. How does it matter if he doesn’t like to play cricket but enjoys playing flute or learning dance more!? If he’s snatched away from you tomorrow, it wouldn’t matter how well the other person’s child is doing. You would have lost yours and the loss is only yours. Love them till you have them with you. While you can.
  3. Never get too attached to anyone, not even your children. Nothing is permanent.

29th November’2012: Oh boy! What a day it was. The fact that it was my Anniversary didn’t make it so eventful than the way it went. I was slated to have an interview on 30th with a dream company. On 28th I got the news that I’ve an interview with the same D company from my current company, in two days. Expecting a clash in the interview, I preponed my personal interview to 29th so that the company’s interview could happen on 30th. That was the earliest it was expected.
On 29th, the interview was supposed to be from 9.30 -12.30 morning slot. I started early from home and got full-on jam of Bangalore. The Auto Driver decided on some fare when I took it from my home, but since I was getting down at such a big company, he flipped. He said I would charge 1.5 times of meter. He started howling at me in Kannada. He knew I wasn’t a Kannadiga and wanted to take full advantage of it. I tried to take help from the people around on the red light but no one was interested in getting into a mess right in the morning of a working day. Well, I decided to seek help from the traffic police man. Thankfully, he was good, smiled at the autowallah and told him to take the fare as previously decided and let me go. But, because of the altercation, I was 5 min late instead of 30 min early.
The interview, Phew! I had 4 technical rounds in 3 hours. Back-to-back. The current interviewer left me only when the next came standing on top of him. I was drained by the end of it. At 12.35 I was out of the company and trying to pick up my nerves.

Well, as fate would have it, it wasn’t happy enough on screwing the timelines and preparation of mine by 1 day and by the turning of events. The moment I switched on my phone back, I got a call from my current colleague that our interview (which was slated for next day) was supposed to happen today at 2.30. We’re supposed to go to client company for interview. Wow! Oh God! I don’t think I was more scatter-brained ever in my life as I was at that time. I had not brought my lunch. I was supposed to eat after reaching office. But, since I was late, we had to rush as soon as I reached.
We waited for an hour at the reception. I just got one coffee and some biscuits to have as lunch. I took a round in the ground once to get hold of myself. And went back to waiting for him.
The interviewer came, we had our discussion, I don’t know what he asked and what I answered. But, it got over. The learnings:
  1. Man proposes. God disposes.
  2. You suck at Digital. Work it up before you even think of any interview.
  3. Tarun is always right only if you listen to him.

Well, a short update on Anay also. He’s starting understanding tits n bits of English. Started using words like ‘stand, sit and down’. 🙂 It’s nice to see that. Also, he’s able to climb the stairs on his own. That’s really an achievement. When I saw him doing that the first time, at the swing, I was shocked. I had lost sight of him only for a split-minute and there he was, climbing the stairs confidently and happily. He was already mid-way through.:O 😀
Ecstatic. It’s fun to play with him. He tries to imitate the words we speak. Loves to spend time with us, play games with us. Totally enjoying. 🙂

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