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Short update. Feel like posting something at least when my mind is over-full. Anyways, well, after a long time I’ll be posting something about life ‘before’ something is really happening. I stopped doing it ever since I got married. But, this space is ‘my’ space. Want to keep it mine. So, posting the thought-process.

Job is not going well in Bangalore. The risk we took in shifting seems to be hitting back and things may totally fall apart. We may just have to return to NCR. I don’t want to, of course! Well, I don’t want to lose my freedom, which I’ve earned so hard. But, if things don’t work out, then we may.

Tarun’s work doesn’t seem to be settling here. I’m already looking for a switch asap. I’m not that concerned about my job as I’m for his. I’m trying other options and hopefully things will work out for me. Well, advantage of being in the Silicon Valley (of India, fine!). But, things need to work for both.
I can pay a price for my freedom but the cost can’t be family.

Let’s see what happens. Keeping fingers crossed.

And, ya, returned from a long trip of South India today evening. Full of things about it but some other time. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Turbulence

  1. Well, that's the only reason people wish to go there…coz it's different. Why wud u want to do sth which is similar to wat u r already doing? 😛

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