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Random Thoughts

Tarun left for Delhi today. Office work. Hope these testing times end soon. Missing him already.
On a funny note, he has left notes for me at different places of the house – things to remember – one at the gate for things I’ve to do before leaving the house. And another near the bed for things to do before knocking down for the day.
Well, I actually need those. You get so dependent on your partner that work gets divided and you forget that such a work exists also. And unfortunately, the list is long in my case 😛

Anay is keeping me company this time. Am feeling like the big guy in the movie who is a military and left to baby-sit in a house with 4 kids. He learns to dance a silly number to put the smallest one to sleep. Tarun uses quite many tactics himself. And, am not half the joker he is, or even innovative enough.  Fingers crossed.

I loved the visit to Vivekananda Ashram in Kanyakumari. It gets lot of visitors and yet there is a different peace and silence there. The sea surrounding you, the wind blowing in your face, you can’t help get thoughtful. The thought that Vivekananda and Mata Parvati came there to meditate seems like a very smart move on their part. If one wants peace and solace to think deep thoughts, you couldn’t find a better place. Well, you can’t do that now anymore coz the place is commercialized but when it was just a rock in the middle of the sea, it was definitely a great place to meditate.
For once, even I felt like leaving everything in the material world. It all seemed so pointless and waste.

Wanted to post a pic of the same, but am unable to. The whole world posts so many interesting photos on blogs and I can’t. How do you post pics with text? Can someone please help. I sincerely wish to.


4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. yeah..i also went was a great place…

    there is a button there..u need to click on it and select the pic…i don't understand why you cant find it ? bahut simple hai…

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