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Something’s missing

The wait seems endless. 

Today is the last day for them to turn up. If it’s a yes, something should come from them today. Else, it’s a No. 

After 3 rounds, the last one being with the top-most director, you expect things to have worked out. 

I spoke to him last Thursday.

If this doesn’t work out, I don’t know what to do to keep hoping. Am done with all hopes, all trials and all fights. Now, it seems like an endless wait for God’s next step, next move. Coz from my side, am done.

I know, if this doesn’t work out, something else will. If there’s nothing happening today, still there’s something happening. It’s just that I’m focussed somewhere else. But, this continuous fight is killing. After this, I just want to sit idle and let whatever happen. Even if the world starts to end now, I’m okay. I will just sit and watch the show.

Missing my cousin. The cousin whom I knew so less. Still, I grew so fond of him in the last few years. It was not just his illness which got me liking him, or appreciating him. I liked him from the whole bunch even before that. He was really caring and humble. He knew how to handle relations. He was very mature in the tiny garb of 5 ft that he was. I don’t know how will this heal..if it ever will.


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