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The screwed up end of 2012

This was the most uncertain and unplanned trip of my life. Due to office commitments, we were not sure of how many days of leaves I would have. And, hence, we had not booked our hotels or anything anywhere. You wouldn’t believe but even our places to visit were unsure. We were deciding on them after starting from Bangalore. 😛

Well, of course, there was some idea we had. We knew some places which were must visit and some which can be visited if time permits. So, the hiatus started as follows. 🙂

On 20th Dec, my shut-down holidays started. On 19th, as per our meeting, it was decided that if anything turns up from the client side, we would be all back in Bangalore in 1-day notice. Since none of us were planning any long distance travel, it was possible. My in-laws were supposed to come on 20th evening. It was all going crazy. I had 2 external interviews scheduled for 19th evening, clashing at 8.00 PM and I had no clue. At 8.00 PM, I was waiting for the call but none turns up. And, later I get the apology calls from 2 vendors. 😛 Well, not a big deal because I was planning to give the interview just for the sake of experience and was not planning to join any. Anyway, another interview was scheduled for 20th morning at 11.00 AM. The interview went fine and he wanted to have an F2F. Because of the in-laws coming, I arranged to meet them up that very day. Oh man! It was all crazy. Rushing at the last minute. And, guess what, when I reach there for the 2 o’clock interview, I’m told that the interviewers are gone for lunch and will be back in 45 minutes. WTF! I wait. At 3.00 I start again, not interested to wait any longer. And, as soon as I take the auto, I get a call from them that we’re back, please come. Screw you!

Anyway, the interview went fine. It was good. I learnt quite new things. The interviewer were knowledgeable and that’s the best you can get out of an interview. I return home by 5.00, totally exhausted. And, then I have to get working for the lavish dinner and the general look of the house. (My in-laws are coming to Bangalore, everything has to be perfect, you see!!) Life cannot get screwed more.


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