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 kiska moh kare tu bande, kaun hai tera kaun paraya…

I sometime feel so distant and so aloof to the world and its ways. Everybody and their emotions look so fake.

Back in 2009, when I had decided to accept the world as it is and not go by my own understanding of it, I had decided to follow its rules. From a person who flouted and questioned all the rules, I became a follower. I had decided to find reason in those rules, in those methods, in the basic functioning of the world.
I did find sense. A lot of sense. But, I also found a lot of crap.

I had always been a believer of earthy relations more than blood relations. I always felt that if you have good friends then they become better relations to have, and look out for in times of crisis, than any of your blood relations. After the phoenix, I started giving them a try. I tried to basically make friends ‘from’ my relations, rather than searching out. What was the result? Well, most of the times it seems forced to me. With some, I don’t connect on a mental level. With some, it seems our areas of interest don’t match so we’re always interested and talking on different subject. More than anything, when the time comes when you need someone for support – mental and emotional, you have ‘nobody’ to go to. Why? Because you know that talking to one means talking to a full house. Because it seems like your story is more of a tea-time gossip to them than something to empathize for. They are discussing on it and sending their condolences to you every time you meet them. Rather than helping you heal from the failure/grief/problem, they become your periodic time check of the same.

And this thing goes in much deeper. It just doesn’t end till cousins, sisters, SIL/BIL etc, it creeps into your most innate relations. The formality and the society way-of-living gets into the relations which were supposed to be your ‘family’. And, I don’t think it’s a problem only women face after marriage, I’ve seen it come to Tarun too. I only feel more sorry for the boys because they are living with their parents and the equations between them change. For the women, at least there’s a major change, a gap which helps you understand. For them, it’s all hurt – all through. Looking at the complex working of society, I feel quite drawn to the West. I know, grass is greener on the other side, and all that, but still, can’t help compare.

In these testing times, I try to find someone to talk to. I’ve talked enough to Tarun and I know his view point and that doesn’t seem to be helping. I want to talk to someone else. Just anyone else. I tried talking to Mum but even she’s more interested in telling me about her friend’s daughter’s wedding and all-that. I tried talking to Dad, he tries to listen, but he can’t help. He rather puts more burden on you by reminding you of how important it is to keep the job.

I know I can talk to my MIL for this. She is definitely one Mother everyone should have. But, I don’t want to burden her with my miseries. She’ll get troubled. And… I don’t know what to say either. It’s a big mess now. All a big mess and no light to see at the end of the tunnel. She would easily say that quit and come back. But, that’s not what I want. I want my job. I want to keep working. And, I want to be peaceful.


2 thoughts on “Moh

  1. There must be one friend you feel you can talk anything to…talk to him/her..
    I also feel closer to few of my friends more than anyone of my cousins etc…
    there is a frequency at which our mind works…it doesnt match with everyone else around 🙂

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