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A day’s hard work

Painted this pot…wanted to paint one for a real long time. Finally got the opportunity today, thanks to Bandh. It’s turned out real well. Happy happy! 🙂

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Pati meherbaan

“pati meherbaan to biwi shaitaan”

Well, my husband is in quite a good mood these days. He has been struggling with a high-intensity release project and has been quite busy since past one month. As obvious, I have been taking care of Anay alone, and handling everything else. His company has also been happy and given him some bonuses. 

So, to make up for the month, or to show his happiness, he’s been on a spending spree ‘on me’ 😀

Well, it’s not like I didn’t need these things and he got me, but well, I didn’t need such expensive ones. At least, I wasn’t expecting it. 

Ha! It’s getting too much for me to digest you can say. 🙂

So, i get a phone – Samsung Galaxy S3. 
And a new watch – Swatch 

🙂 🙂 🙂

Hope you understood the caption now! 😉

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Growing old

As time is ticking and days pass on, I feel the life slipping on. Actually, I feel like the life has already ended. What do you call life? Just breathing and living on doesn’t mean life. Not at this age at least. Life means Dreams, Aspirations, Hopes. Isn’t it?

When we were young, there were so many things to look forward to. There would be our annual exams to ace at, there would be the cultural fest coming up, even an inter-school competition. 

The dreams of finding that special someone and living rosy-dreams with him. Then the aspirations of becoming a successful person professionally. 

Choosing the profession, which changes every week… when the best friend comes up with something new.

Life is full of so many things to look forward to. That’s what we knew life to be. Living the ‘life’.

But now, we’re grown ups. We have a job, we’ve a family, we’ve homes, our partners are chosen.

No more dreaming of jobs, no more dreaming of best looking men, no more interest in that sexy, sleezy outfit Kareena is wearing in her new movie. 

You know where you stand. You know what you are. You know where you will be even 20 years down the lane.

How could it have been any different? I think the death of it all occurs when you get married.

Ya! I know I’ve got a great spouse as a partner. And not everyone is lucky in that department. So rather than blaming him, I should be blaming anything else. But the fact is that it is this very marriage, as created by our society which kills, slowly and brutally, everything in life. It’s not the fault of the people involved in it. It’s just the society and its working. 

Does that mean all hope is lost for me? I have nothing to look forward to in my life?

Well, I’m hoping to take some inspiration from her. (

Re-quoting her words “growing older doesn’t have to be dreadful if you live every year like it’s your last.”