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Out of the shit-hole

I had one heck of a week. Ever since these ppl refused to relieve me, I had not  had a minute of peace. I used to wake up at night for anay’s milk n wud not be able to sleep again…thinkin of all possible things I wud say to them to make them relieve me. And, almost always the epiphany said ‘No matter wat  u say to them, they won’t relieve u’ 😦 N the long nightmare would continue.

Anyways, finally its all over n I’ve the letter wid me. God knows whose blessings worked….whoever’s it was, I thank u sincerely from the core of my heart.

Some imp learnings from the episode:

-Never take such imp decisions like company without being completely satisfied that you’ve inquired well enough. I repent that I didn’t make that flight journey to bglr, to this office, before actually flying down here wid my stuff. No kanjoosi in such cases.

– While working in any company, no matter how important or recognised you are, the hierarchy is always followed. No matter how gud ur relations wid ur mgr is, HR has upper edge to everyone else. Remember the hierarchy n don take punga. I don know exactly wat fueled these ppl to create this relieving trouble for me but when I think of it,  it cud be because of my voicing my concerns over policy changes to that hr bitch.
– Last but not the least, if u remain gud n follow proper rules, others r forced to follow too. If I had not decided to return the relocation money to them fully, despite my judgement shouting it to be wrong on their part…I wouldn’t have received the relieving. 
When u go the legal way, there r high chances they will be caught somewhere inescapable and will have to get in line.

That’s all for now. Ciao.


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