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The censored challenge

I had added one more challenge to my list of 30 which I removed. I mentioned about it in my previous post. But then I realized rather than letting people’s imagination go haywire and reach to the likes of strip-teasing et all, I would rather mention it and clear πŸ™‚ πŸ˜›
The wish was ‘ To become a social drinker’.

All through my childhood, I’ve been a staunch believer that people who drink are bad or should avoid befriending .

No matter how conscious they are, or mature they are, they tend to cross their limit when they are in a bad mood, or are going through a bad phase in life.

But, after going to US, I met a lot of people who made me realize how wrong I was . I understood that being a social drinker is not that bad. Just like you can avoid the urge to pick up your laptop and throw it on the floor, when you’re angry, similarly, you can avoid the urge to go on a drinking spree when you’re angry.

So, it’s ultimately your decision whether you’re violent or you drink when you’re upset OR you control your reactions.

It’s not a person’s drinking status that decides he’s good or bad, it’s his maturity and virtue that defines him.

Hence, I decided I would like to become a social drinker – one who drinks socially.

Now, why I deleted it? I have understood that people who drink are not bad and it’s not a vice in someone’s nature. But, that doesn’t mean I’ve to drink to prove my point. It’s just one of my crazy wishes like trying a ciggie, that I decided on it.

Plus, not to mention the vehement opposition I’ll have to face at family front (coming from a family of teetotalers). So, dropped it.

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My list of 30….oops! 13

Well, it’s been long since I vowed to create my list of 30 things I would do before I turn 30. But, I didn’t even get to publishing it, forget acting on them.

Ya Ya you can well imagine where this all is going. Seems like another resolution of the year thing, which goes into the dustbin by the end of the month.

But, I hope it’s not that. I sincerely hope this works coz I really wish all of these. So, no more blabbering n off you go!

PS: I’ve been only able to come up with a list of 13 so far. Will add to it as and when I get something on my mind.

  1. Β Do/Get enrolled for Masters
  2. Go touring to some historical or culturally rich placec with Mom
  3. Start learning some dance form.
  4. Create a pipeline.
  5. Go for a foreign trip
  6. Go for a week’s trip alone.
  7. Try a cigarette.
  8. Practice the Geeta regularly.
  9. Give 1% to charity.
  10. Khamadkhaamna
  11. Reduce weight. Add fitness to my daily routine.
  12. No junk for a month.

Writing each one here was a challenge in itself. While writing I know how difficult n unachievable each one of them is, for me. But, that’s what the list is supposed to be for. So, I don’t know how I’ll fructify even one of them. But then, we’re challenging the limits here.

Ya, n if u thinking why it’s only 12 when I said 13…I deleted one of them because am still thinking if that should be a part of the list or not. Censored for now. πŸ™‚



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Just received my books from Flipkart. Received ‘The Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ and ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’. Excited to get my hands into them. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The Diary..looks awesome. I had read its reviews online but actually reading the first page, I’m already smiling. Can’t wait to read it full. It is a comic-strip-cum-novel so it has funny pics included in between the text. The look and feel makes you go totally awww! πŸ˜€



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Same work-place : The pros and cons

Ever since I joined the same company as my husband, a lot of people have questioned me, is it wise to be at same work-place. Frankly, in my case, I was forced by destiny to join it so I didn’t have much choice otherwise. But, having joined it, I can give first-hand experience of what it’s like.

The good part of being in the same company AND in the same domain

1. My husband has been instrumental and all the time supportive of the growth of my career. He cleared my basics when I was preparing for my interviews. He understood my problems when I spoke about the issues at work. He could even clarify some of them which was a great help.
2. He was the one who took the decision of going to Bangalore for my job because he understood the work-culture and the real picture of my work-industry. I don’t think anyone else in that position (of husband) would have understood otherwise and taken that extreme step. The step is not extreme if you think of just you two, but it’s an extreme one when you think of the guy leaving his parents and relocating somewhere else. Also, it’s not important whether the stint worked or not. At least he had the courage to take that step. To stand up for me.
3. Now, in the same company, he understands the work precisely. And, it has gone one-step ahead of Cadence because I can actually discuss the deepest details of my issue and he can either resolve it, or point me to the right person for it.I don’t think any other RnD guy would spend Β that kind of time ramping a PV guy up.

I think the fact that I worked in some different company after marriage, and we faced all those problems, we’re able to appreciate our time together in the same office much more. Also, that time gave us time to settle in our new lives. To make our own spaces. Now, we’re together but still understand each other’s soft-areas. We understand the limit to which we can intrude or times we can intrude in.

The cons πŸ˜›
1. He can see what I’m eating. Am supposed to be on diet and if I take rice or if I take sweets, he can see that. While he won’t say anything, I know, but while keeping it on my plate, the fear is always on my mind Q$#^#$%%#@$!@

2. Β It so happened that when the mild earthquake came, we all evacuated the building. So, I was standing with my team while he was with his. My Manager decided that since we’re all down, let’s go for a short treat at Nirula’s. I didn’t get a chance to inform him. It was a short one and we returned in half an hour. But, he was a little cross in the evening that I didn’t call him or inform him that I was going. These are soft points which need Β to be handled personally and maturely. Your off-work interactions with your team will always be seen and they may not go down well with your partner.

With my husband, I know, we’ll work on it and settle it with time. But, if you’ve a spouse who would just not be able to accept it, or is too possessive, you better not take the decision of working in the same company.

Plus, we had a few examples before us where there were couples working in the same office. And they were fine. So, that was a boost-up. But, yes, none of them were in the same team. Similarly, we also knew that we don’t want to be working together in the same team. (Yes, we were given that option.)

So, in the end, it depends on you and your spouse.

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Pen friend

The post was written on April 17 but since I was unable to open blogger then in office, it was lyin in my drafts.
Posting now. πŸ™‚

Am in dire need of a friend. A pen friend, a distant friend, a close friend…anyone…someone?

Ever since I lost touch with my old friends and started building a new life for myself and Tarun, I tried to keep someone at work as a talk-able friend. First it was Malvika, then Aanchal, then Shalini and Asha or Ambika even, when need be. But, always there was someone Β to talk to and get rid of the flux of thoughts building inside me.
But, now, I feel the need of not just a friend, but someone I can actually say everything without thinking of right or wrong, good or bad, yesterday or today or tomorrow. Just someone whose open-minded, open-hearted, non-judgemental to my thoughts. Why should feelings be censored?
The feelings can be as sinful as they may but it’s the actions which should be clean. And, anyways, the feelings or thoughts never get dangerous or something posing a threat…
Or, perhaps, they do. Sometimes when you get takers for your nasty ideas, you get fuel to get them into action. Just by sharing your thoughts with someone else, you give power to the thought. Haven’t I always believed in the power of thought. That’s what has brought the world to such a sinful stage. Someone thought something dangerous, someone else thought it was good enough to get it into action.
Perhaps I’ll just start writing a daily diary to myself. Though I’ll miss some human reactions to it. But, for the time that should suffice. πŸ™‚
Love ya.
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And the days are…

Am feeling lonely. Am feeling sad being here. It’s still taking me time to adjust to this new place. I guess it’s normal because it has hardly been 3 weeks since I joined. Not even 3 weeks as yet.Β 

I guess I need people around me. I need friends…to talk to, to share with, to laugh with. And in calypto, it seems even more a distant dream. People here are always distant because I’m someone’s wife. I need to get that thought out of their minds and get them comfortable, if I ever want to adjust into this place.
I want to visit US. Stay there. Still πŸ™‚ After my Bangalore stint, it’s no more that painful need to go there, else you’re a loser -kinda feeling. It’s just a wish that I know may never be fulfilled, but I still have. A distant, sweet, childish dream. The beautiful houses, the clean surrounding, making your own home, I guess that’s what always calls me. Maybe I can accomplish all that here too but something is there that won’t change here. Is it the people’s attitude? Is it my own mindset? I don’t know what exactly that is. But, it’s there. Because of which I have to go to US only and won’t get that in India.
I have realized that I like Man-made structures more than God’s stuff. I mean, when I visit a new place, I enjoy visiting man-made museums, buildings, etc much more than parks, nature, etc etc. I can enjoy that part also, but that doesn’t give me as big a high as man-made stuff does. I want to visit new places. I really want to visit new countries. Don’t know if that will ever happen. Right now, it’s a long, distant, impossible dream. Maybe. Some day.
Till then, life is beautiful anyways. πŸ™‚
Take care. Bye
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A new beginning

Well, I returned to Saddi Dilli on Monday, 1st April’2k13. And I joined none other but Tarun’s company. It’s a relatively small company, very few people, and despite being known in the product market, still call themselves start-up. Well, actually, things are start-up-ish in there a lot, when I think about it. It’s just that people join it after leaving big names like Cadence n Mentor, so it always hadΒ 
high reputation in my mind. Not to mention that my own husband is working there and enjoying it.Β 

It’s a very different ball game when you join a company where you’ve already met most of the people before. I had been to some of their offsite parties and celebrations as Tarun’s spouse and had met most of them. But, now, joining them as a colleague is very different. You are very casual and friendly when you meet people in parties. But, you would want to keep a certain distance, a certain professional demeanor when being work-partners. So, am still facing trouble adjusting to the change. But, am sure, it’ll pass.Β 

The most difficulty to adjust is coming to Mr. Tarun. He feels extremely odd if we talk anything personal, or anything that shows I’m his wife, in office. I don’t know if there’s a single soul in that office who doesn’t know we’re married. And, I am not chumma-chaating him in there. Just-casual-talk. But, he gets totally like ‘You dare not say or do something out of line in front of them’! It’s upsetting sometimes but funny mostly. I can understand his fear or uneasiness but he better get used to it soon. Else, I’ll definitely do something to make him remember it. πŸ˜›Β 
I’ve already been getting so many nasty ideas that will put him totally in a fix. But, I dare not coz I fear the consequences. πŸ˜› πŸ˜›Β 

Anyways, so far so good. The work is amazing. The role is super-awesome. Totally what I wanted and totally at the time when I’m ready to accept it. The only drawback is I get to move backwards to SystemC and Verilog and leave my ever-loved SystemVerilog. Getting frustrated not able to use the simple constructs that are so well added to SV and are to be specified in these old HDLs. 😦

Anyhow, keeping fingers crossed. Hope things work out here for me. Ya, one sore-point, blogger is banned there. Can’t blog or check my blogs there. Even accessing wi-fi on phone is not allowed there. (Told you its a start-up.)

And ya, my cub turned two this week. He’s become a total fevicol. I can’t get my eyes off him. He’s always upto something, doing something new, saying something new. Repeating us on all the crucial times….understanding exactly what we say. Maybe too much of it. πŸ˜› πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

My heart fills and my smile beams further whenever I think of him. God bless my child, my precious!