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A new beginning

Well, I returned to Saddi Dilli on Monday, 1st April’2k13. And I joined none other but Tarun’s company. It’s a relatively small company, very few people, and despite being known in the product market, still call themselves start-up. Well, actually, things are start-up-ish in there a lot, when I think about it. It’s just that people join it after leaving big names like Cadence n Mentor, so it always had 
high reputation in my mind. Not to mention that my own husband is working there and enjoying it. 

It’s a very different ball game when you join a company where you’ve already met most of the people before. I had been to some of their offsite parties and celebrations as Tarun’s spouse and had met most of them. But, now, joining them as a colleague is very different. You are very casual and friendly when you meet people in parties. But, you would want to keep a certain distance, a certain professional demeanor when being work-partners. So, am still facing trouble adjusting to the change. But, am sure, it’ll pass. 

The most difficulty to adjust is coming to Mr. Tarun. He feels extremely odd if we talk anything personal, or anything that shows I’m his wife, in office. I don’t know if there’s a single soul in that office who doesn’t know we’re married. And, I am not chumma-chaating him in there. Just-casual-talk. But, he gets totally like ‘You dare not say or do something out of line in front of them’! It’s upsetting sometimes but funny mostly. I can understand his fear or uneasiness but he better get used to it soon. Else, I’ll definitely do something to make him remember it. 😛 
I’ve already been getting so many nasty ideas that will put him totally in a fix. But, I dare not coz I fear the consequences. 😛 😛 

Anyways, so far so good. The work is amazing. The role is super-awesome. Totally what I wanted and totally at the time when I’m ready to accept it. The only drawback is I get to move backwards to SystemC and Verilog and leave my ever-loved SystemVerilog. Getting frustrated not able to use the simple constructs that are so well added to SV and are to be specified in these old HDLs. 😦

Anyhow, keeping fingers crossed. Hope things work out here for me. Ya, one sore-point, blogger is banned there. Can’t blog or check my blogs there. Even accessing wi-fi on phone is not allowed there. (Told you its a start-up.)

And ya, my cub turned two this week. He’s become a total fevicol. I can’t get my eyes off him. He’s always upto something, doing something new, saying something new. Repeating us on all the crucial times….understanding exactly what we say. Maybe too much of it. 😛 🙂 🙂

My heart fills and my smile beams further whenever I think of him. God bless my child, my precious!



2 thoughts on “A new beginning

  1. Oh I thought Tarun was in Mentor and u joined that too ???

    I always used to wonder how is it if the spouses are in the same company and more so in the same team and although I have few examples in front of me but I guess with you I will be able to read a unedited first hand account 😉

    Congratulations for Anay's 2nd Birthday… May god bless you all 🙂

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