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And the days are…

Am feeling lonely. Am feeling sad being here. It’s still taking me time to adjust to this new place. I guess it’s normal because it has hardly been 3 weeks since I joined. Not even 3 weeks as yet. 

I guess I need people around me. I need friends…to talk to, to share with, to laugh with. And in calypto, it seems even more a distant dream. People here are always distant because I’m someone’s wife. I need to get that thought out of their minds and get them comfortable, if I ever want to adjust into this place.
I want to visit US. Stay there. Still 🙂 After my Bangalore stint, it’s no more that painful need to go there, else you’re a loser -kinda feeling. It’s just a wish that I know may never be fulfilled, but I still have. A distant, sweet, childish dream. The beautiful houses, the clean surrounding, making your own home, I guess that’s what always calls me. Maybe I can accomplish all that here too but something is there that won’t change here. Is it the people’s attitude? Is it my own mindset? I don’t know what exactly that is. But, it’s there. Because of which I have to go to US only and won’t get that in India.
I have realized that I like Man-made structures more than God’s stuff. I mean, when I visit a new place, I enjoy visiting man-made museums, buildings, etc much more than parks, nature, etc etc. I can enjoy that part also, but that doesn’t give me as big a high as man-made stuff does. I want to visit new places. I really want to visit new countries. Don’t know if that will ever happen. Right now, it’s a long, distant, impossible dream. Maybe. Some day.
Till then, life is beautiful anyways. 🙂
Take care. Bye

2 thoughts on “And the days are…

  1. hmm..I have a question to ask…isn't it better when two people in a relationship are not working at the same place ? I somehow think it might be. You get your own set of friends and get to spend some alone time at work. Also, wont it be cooler to not work in the same domain. What say ? 😉

  2. Ummm, even I thought so and the reason I avoided joining this company for so long. But, now, I'm in it so I can say it isn't that bad. I get to drive with him to work n back home, so that gives us extra time together. Initially, we used to miss on some time together…even to just talk…
    Secondly, at work, we only see each other during lunch time or at snacks. Else, he has his own work and I've mine. So, I guess the deal works if you both are mature enough to not intervene and interrupt the other person when he/she's working, and allow him/her to be involved with his network.

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