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Pen friend

The post was written on April 17 but since I was unable to open blogger then in office, it was lyin in my drafts.
Posting now. πŸ™‚

Am in dire need of a friend. A pen friend, a distant friend, a close friend…anyone…someone?

Ever since I lost touch with my old friends and started building a new life for myself and Tarun, I tried to keep someone at work as a talk-able friend. First it was Malvika, then Aanchal, then Shalini and Asha or Ambika even, when need be. But, always there was someone Β to talk to and get rid of the flux of thoughts building inside me.
But, now, I feel the need of not just a friend, but someone I can actually say everything without thinking of right or wrong, good or bad, yesterday or today or tomorrow. Just someone whose open-minded, open-hearted, non-judgemental to my thoughts. Why should feelings be censored?
The feelings can be as sinful as they may but it’s the actions which should be clean. And, anyways, the feelings or thoughts never get dangerous or something posing a threat…
Or, perhaps, they do. Sometimes when you get takers for your nasty ideas, you get fuel to get them into action. Just by sharing your thoughts with someone else, you give power to the thought. Haven’t I always believed in the power of thought. That’s what has brought the world to such a sinful stage. Someone thought something dangerous, someone else thought it was good enough to get it into action.
Perhaps I’ll just start writing a daily diary to myself. Though I’ll miss some human reactions to it. But, for the time that should suffice. πŸ™‚
Love ya.

14 thoughts on “Pen friend

  1. You know you can configure blogger to have an email id , to which whenever you mail it gets published on your blog…. You can try that. The only draw back I personally see with that is I sometimes miss on the indentation that I want.

  2. That's exactly what I want to avoid. And, that is the reason I'm looking for a foreign girl whose more open and is not marred with our kind of social thought-process.
    Don't know if I can materialize that.
    As for you, I think when you don't want reactions from people, u just have to say it. OR, you can just switch off the comments section. That's a huge sign for people saying 'shut up!' πŸ™‚

  3. Haan, DayDreamer, what cue did u take. I thought u took the cue that u shud look for a foreign girl for urself. πŸ˜€ And, said that 'keep dreaming' But, not sure if I understood u right.

  4. BTW, just to share my experience , wordpress has more wider reader reach than blogger. So if you guys really feel lke you want some one unknown to read your blogs, follow them n even interact then wordpress could be the way to go.
    I feel wordpress not only has a more active community but they also have a better highlighting system

    Although so far I have only seen responsible people like n follow ur blog but as they say with greater reach comes greater issues πŸ™‚

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