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Same work-place : The pros and cons

Ever since I joined the same company as my husband, a lot of people have questioned me, is it wise to be at same work-place. Frankly, in my case, I was forced by destiny to join it so I didn’t have much choice otherwise. But, having joined it, I can give first-hand experience of what it’s like.

The good part of being in the same company AND in the same domain

1. My husband has been instrumental and all the time supportive of the growth of my career. He cleared my basics when I was preparing for my interviews. He understood my problems when I spoke about the issues at work. He could even clarify some of them which was a great help.
2. He was the one who took the decision of going to Bangalore for my job because he understood the work-culture and the real picture of my work-industry. I don’t think anyone else in that position (of husband) would have understood otherwise and taken that extreme step. The step is not extreme if you think of just you two, but it’s an extreme one when you think of the guy leaving his parents and relocating somewhere else. Also, it’s not important whether the stint worked or not. At least he had the courage to take that step. To stand up for me.
3. Now, in the same company, he understands the work precisely. And, it has gone one-step ahead of Cadence because I can actually discuss the deepest details of my issue and he can either resolve it, or point me to the right person for it.I don’t think any other RnD guy would spend  that kind of time ramping a PV guy up.

I think the fact that I worked in some different company after marriage, and we faced all those problems, we’re able to appreciate our time together in the same office much more. Also, that time gave us time to settle in our new lives. To make our own spaces. Now, we’re together but still understand each other’s soft-areas. We understand the limit to which we can intrude or times we can intrude in.

The cons 😛
1. He can see what I’m eating. Am supposed to be on diet and if I take rice or if I take sweets, he can see that. While he won’t say anything, I know, but while keeping it on my plate, the fear is always on my mind Q$#^#$%%#@$!@

2.  It so happened that when the mild earthquake came, we all evacuated the building. So, I was standing with my team while he was with his. My Manager decided that since we’re all down, let’s go for a short treat at Nirula’s. I didn’t get a chance to inform him. It was a short one and we returned in half an hour. But, he was a little cross in the evening that I didn’t call him or inform him that I was going. These are soft points which need  to be handled personally and maturely. Your off-work interactions with your team will always be seen and they may not go down well with your partner.

With my husband, I know, we’ll work on it and settle it with time. But, if you’ve a spouse who would just not be able to accept it, or is too possessive, you better not take the decision of working in the same company.

Plus, we had a few examples before us where there were couples working in the same office. And they were fine. So, that was a boost-up. But, yes, none of them were in the same team. Similarly, we also knew that we don’t want to be working together in the same team. (Yes, we were given that option.)

So, in the end, it depends on you and your spouse.


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