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The censored challenge

I had added one more challenge to my list of 30 which I removed. I mentioned about it in my previous post. But then I realized rather than letting people’s imagination go haywire and reach to the likes of strip-teasing et all, I would rather mention it and clear 🙂 😛
The wish was ‘ To become a social drinker’.

All through my childhood, I’ve been a staunch believer that people who drink are bad or should avoid befriending .

No matter how conscious they are, or mature they are, they tend to cross their limit when they are in a bad mood, or are going through a bad phase in life.

But, after going to US, I met a lot of people who made me realize how wrong I was . I understood that being a social drinker is not that bad. Just like you can avoid the urge to pick up your laptop and throw it on the floor, when you’re angry, similarly, you can avoid the urge to go on a drinking spree when you’re angry.

So, it’s ultimately your decision whether you’re violent or you drink when you’re upset OR you control your reactions.

It’s not a person’s drinking status that decides he’s good or bad, it’s his maturity and virtue that defines him.

Hence, I decided I would like to become a social drinker – one who drinks socially.

Now, why I deleted it? I have understood that people who drink are not bad and it’s not a vice in someone’s nature. But, that doesn’t mean I’ve to drink to prove my point. It’s just one of my crazy wishes like trying a ciggie, that I decided on it.

Plus, not to mention the vehement opposition I’ll have to face at family front (coming from a family of teetotalers). So, dropped it.


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