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13. Get Driving License

13. Road trip in India Get Driving License

I didn’t think I was a big fan of travelling but this is all pointing and proving me the same. 😛 But, this has to come here. A Road Trip.
I’ve done lot of road trips when I think back. Agra, Chandigarh, South-India trip was a total road trip. But, somehow I think unless a trip is not self-driven, it doesn’t count as a road trip. And, the whole experience changes. When we drove to Chandigarh ourselves, it was a memorable trip for us. We talked, we laughed on our own silly jokes. Basically, we were very comfortable and relaxed. That freedom goes when you’re having company of a driver.

I like it much more when the trip is with just family members than others. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve almost always gone with family only in childhood, that’s why I like it that way. Or, is it because I’m most comfortable with only them. Whatever. I would like to do this trip with Tarun alone. Anay with us, perhaps, if he can be managed.

But, for that, I need to get my driving license…well, yeah, I don’t have one as yet. Perhaps, more than the road trip, getting the DL should be on my list. It’s an embarrassing fact now. And, it’s more because I know driving but just not able to take out time to go and get it done.


9 thoughts on “13. Get Driving License

  1. I am never a fan of driving as it does not allow me to wander my eyes around :-D. So for me unlike you, a Road trip will be one where a friend or family member is driving and I am sitting either next to him or at back seat with my head hanging outside of the window and my eyes taking everything thats there to see.

    A really good thing to have on list and perhaps a road trip is a nice motivation for you too finally get a driving license which anyways I feel one should have in these times especially with Anay growing up and his school days in near future 🙂

    1. Hehehe! That’s so true. Even I like to absorb the scenery around when travelling. I don’t think even after getting a license, I would be doing much driving. 😛 But, at least I can take over if n when Tarun gets tired. Am sure, a long road trip is not possible if only one person has to drive all along. And, for the DL, it has been pending for far too long now. My MIL wanted me to have it before my wedding. I learnt driving then but never got around to getting the DL made. Hope the auspicious moment arrives soon. 🙂

    1. WAT? Wat do u mean by ‘u r married’. Married ppl don stop to see things and neither does their heart stop. On the contrary, they get sm1 with whom they can mutually appreciate the beauty 😉 😀

      1. Yup! We totally do that. I prefer seeing hotness together than finding Mr.Husband stealthily seeing another girl and then me sulking over it later. On the contrary, sometimes I show him what he misses 😉 😀 Hahahaha!

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