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Badtameez Dil

The top floor AC is down. They will be replacing it with a new one but that would take around a week’s time. So, they have offered employees to move their work-stations temporarily to the empty areas in our floor, as many as our empty.

Now, knowing Tarun as he is, I know for sure that he would never take this opportunity to come anywhere near my workplace. He may just pass out sweating on his floor but moving to my place is totally NO-NO.

Now, since he’s not coming, I’m thinking who else can or will. I wonder if it would be the Million-Dollar-Smile guy or the fat-always-talking-M. I wish it was MDS but well, never mind.

I should be just happy that someone will come whom I may be able to talk to. Even if that’s for as short a duration like a week.

Or, maybe they decide to occupy all the seats BUT next-to-me. Not because I smell bad, but because I’m their-colleague’s-wife-so-stay-away.

😐 Keeping fingers crossed.


5 thoughts on “Badtameez Dil

    1. Hahaha! Well, if he ever does, I would be handing him the link to this blog only on my deathbed. ‘Beta, main aaj tumhein ek baat batana chahti hoon jo maine aaj tak tumhare papa ko bhi nahi batayi’ 😀

  1. Well, I did mention to him once but he’s not very active online. So, he doesn’t even know the link to it, I think. He’s too much lost in his work for his own good. And with this new blog, I’m anyways away from his spying eye 😀 But, as they say ‘halaal ka bakra hai, kab tak khair manayega’ 😛 so, you never know.

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