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I’ve this queer thing. Wherever we go, a new place, for vacation or for work, or anything, I start to think on if we could shift there. Live there. 😛

Sounds totally stupid. So naive. Some may say, so girlish. (associating the term ‘girl’ to stupid, immature and silly, ‘Of Course!’)

I don’t know why I feel that. Perhaps it’s the traveller in me which wants to go and see new places. Perhaps it’s the writer in me which wants to observe new people, live in a new place. Perhaps its the wanderer in me which doesn’t want to stay put at one place.

Yes, I think ‘wanderer’ is the term that best suits me. For now. Till I don’t narrow down to the real problem there.

Tarun often laughs over it. When we went to Chandigarh for a short weekend trip, got stuck with that. Before that, we had visited Bangalore for his office visit, and I wanted to think of options on settling there. I went to US before and I still yearn on living there.  Last weekend, we went to a relative’s place over the weekend, for a wedding, and I was thinking of how life would be living there. Co-incidentally, it is the same place we were living in when I got married. 😀 No, Of course I didn’t mention the thought to Tarun. No, I’m not mad for thinking of how life would be there. Basically, it has undergone a real makeover since the time we moved out of that place. And, it has become quite a nice place to be living in. Except that I know that the gentry is still the same and I have already dropped the idea from my mind.

But, forget the last part. The point of the post is that I really want to live in different places in this lifetime. I don’t want the boring, known, monotonous life of living in NCR. I know Bangalore proved a failure attempt but for me it was a great experience. I learned so much. I met so many new people. I made great friends, perhaps friends for life. I saw a new way of living and I carry some bit of it in my life now too.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was a rule to shift from your current location every once a year. It will be so good. People will have less cluttered houses. They will have the option of choosing new neighbors. They can forget that they had a tussle with the old newspaper vendor and start afresh. They will know what are the common problems one faces in setting a new house and they will have kept everything handy. Plus, you get to visit a new place. A NEW PLACE!!! A new country. New ethnicity. New culture. New ways of enjoying n celebrating.

Life would be so much fun. 🙂 Smiling in my dream-world.


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