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Say Your Name

<I’m taking the topic from Daily Prompt Challenge>

My name is Swati. It’s a Hindi word which means multiple things. It is the star nearest to the Moon. It is also supposedly the name of a constellation. The mythical, extremely-precious jewel a snake preserves is also called Swati. And ya, the first drop of the first rains is also called Swati.

I like the last two meanings the most. It feels good to know you’re precious. You’re unique. I think I identify the most with ‘unique’ because of course, it’s unique 😛 Well, jokes apart. I think that trait has been a constant endeavor in my life Every day, everything, every small detail makes me yearn for uniqueness.

Whether it’s in what dress I chose : I never follow what all others are wearing. What’s in vogue, what every other girl has. Rather, I go for those which I find different from what I’ve already worn. Maybe a new color, maybe a new design. Anything but different.

Whether it’s in what name I chose for my son: I loved the name ‘Anay’. One of my friends in US had kept her son’s name as Anay. I had never heard anyone having that name in India. Now, that every other child is named starting from ‘A’ and so many children named Anay/Ananya, I am seriously  contemplating on changing it.

Whether it’s in what I do: I don’t have much choice in my profession because that’s the bread and butter. But, I definitely have the choice of what I do in my alternate world, when I chose my pipeline. And, I think I’ve definitely  chosen something totally parallel.

I do think that your name has an impact on your personality, on your life in the bigger picture. What do you think? Can you relate to it or you think that’s totally bogus a thought.




2 thoughts on “Say Your Name

  1. Whichever name you select won’t stay exclusive for long 🙂 Anay is a good name and not overused yet 😛

    1. Hmm, that’s true. Anay is still not that used but Ananya is (for the girls). I’ve not even found anything that stuck me as well as Anay, so far. So, let’s see. He may just be destined to be christened Anay.

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