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I feel peace

I have been meaning to write it, but have been fearing that I may jinx it by saying it. Hope I don’t.

But, with Calypto, I feel like I found peace at work. The constant urge of finding my place, of finding where I can understand my part, as well as the company’s agenda, where I’m not just doing some job, but that job is useful and crucial to the company also. It seems like it ended here. 

They don’t have many PV people here. I am the second one in my team, including another fresher (M.Tech). So, in a way, I own the responsibility of PV. I am able to add value to the team and it’s decisions. I am able to think beyond the stated task, on what extra I can do to add value to the task. 

And, the task is totally new to what I have already done. So, that means, I get to grow. 

That, in a way, perfectly matches my definition of good work.

There are good times and there are low times. I feel elated by the recognition of my work, even if its in small measures. But, I can feel a place in my team for myself. 

I want to do more. I want to learn more. I want to give more. 

And, that’s the way it should be.

Thank You God.


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