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Social Networking

You know, humans have a habit of cribbing. They always need something to crib about. Even when they talk to each other, they enjoy the most when they are cribbing about some common subject. Whether it’s the governing party at the center, or it’s the new class teacher, or it’s the loud neighbor living down the lane. The working-class cribs too, usually  about the more-aware subjects, you know, high-class subjects. Like how the education quality is going down, how children are getting wasted these days with the fast-growing technology.

I’m no different. I’ve learnt to be a part of the group too. And understood what to say on what subject. And, in the process, started to believe a few things too. I crib on the addiction these social networking sites have had on us. It’s gripping, it’s almost over-powering. It’s so much of an addiction that it stays on your mind even when you’re not online. For example, you go on a trip to relax, to spend time with your family, but you keep checking on the likes on your status update an hour ago. I’ve felt like using the ‘Deactivate’ button so many times but never succeeded to.

But, the thought stuck me today. FB hasn’t been all bad in my life.

It has brought back people in my life. It has brought new people in my life. It has brought a world of opinions, ideas and a stage to speak your mind.

There are so many people from my school, college, previous companies I worked for. I am connected to them through FB. It’s not just the connection. It’s also about finding out new things about them. There are people whom I thought I knew, but I never knew so much about them. Now, when I know, I realize I never knew them at all! It’s only now that I know a bit about them. 

I got the opportunity to say ‘hello’ , to say ‘sorry’, to say ‘wow’ to my school friends. The school I had left in class 10th and changed to another. I’m in touch with my teachers through FB. Can you believe it? Could I have ever thought of being in touch with them personally, if FB was NOT there? No. I know that for truth. No matter how much I’ve been meaning to, but taking out time for reaching out to them, especially when so much time has passed by, getting over the inhibition, it never happens. 

Then, I met new people. A friend’s sister, a fellow blogger who has a very sarcastic way of writing which I love to read, inspiring people who I would love to stay connected to, creative people who do awesome things in their regular lives, my favorite brands of crafts, hand-made stuff. The world’s open to you through this one small window.

I often say that world was much better when it just started to be. But, if I look at it from a distance, it’s not that bad even today. It depends on me whether I want to look at the beauty or dig for the errors. It depends on me whether I can moderate and control myself for falling the ill-effects, or actually enjoying its benefits to the fullest.


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