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Count your blessings

Today I was talking to the guy who handles the canteen here at our office.
He is a nice man, does his work well. I don’t think they earn a lot because of the rampant man-labor available in India.

I was just chatting with him about where he is from, where his family is. I came to know that he is married with kids and wife staying back in his home town. He goes to his home only in 6 months or so. This is when he has his house in Uttaranchal which he can reach in an overnight journey from here. But, if he keeps spending on travel then how will he save.

I asked why don’t you bring your kids and wife here? He says they won’t be able to settle here. They will have to live in a rental place here (which of course, is additional cost), while they have their own place back home. Then, if they come here, then there will be no one to take care of the house or land or whatever they have back in hometown.
I know these are all surface issues he gives to every other person who asks him that.

I then asked, why don’t you get some job there and live with them? People should live with family. He says they are able to live well there because I’m sending money from here. Else, how would they. And when I ask on why he can’t find a job there? He shrugs it away saying ‘Aap mujhe confuse mat karo’ (Please don’t confuse me with all this)

I know there are too many complications. To say that they are getting an independent, free life here, is actually like laughing on their problems. After a certain age, these things don’t matter and if someone is living away from their family, then he/she has a very compelling reason to.

On the other side of the coin are we, the well-fed, well-educated, ambitious people. We laugh at people who don’t move out of homes because they want to live with their parents. We scorn at those who leave a lush job because he wanted to stay close to family/parents. We dream of getting a job away from family, where we can explore the new worlds, new societies, enjoy independence.

One never realizes the importance of what one has, till they lose it.
We don’t even realize what all we’re taking for granted, till it’s snatched away from us.

Cherish the times you get watching your son giggle away over silly nothings with his dad. There are lot many who never get to enjoy a simple, regular evening like that.
Count your blessings and thank your stars for giving you such a routine life.


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