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Read to get drunk

Mostly people, in most parts of the world, drink alcohol to get over their pain, forget their worries, get over the bad day they had.

Since we’re not allowed to drink/we don’t drink, I read a book. Any of my old, favorite novels. A world of words always consumes me and makes me forget the worldly worries, waiting for me the next day. For the moment, in the night, I am peaceful because I’m not in this world. I’m in the fictional world.

And, that’s what I like the best.


6 thoughts on “Read to get drunk

  1. Yesterday I logged on to goodreads…And honestly it has rejuvenated my thrist for reading.. I just logged to keep a track of what all I have read but now when I explore it more I see it provides me with a lot of recommendations on what all I can read.
    And now I feel I have too little time and so much to read 😦

    1. Heheheh, I know what you mean. Unfortunately, your genre of reading is so different from mine that I can’t even just take your recommendations and NOT spend time on Goodreads. It’s a great site if you spend time on feeding your specific likes. However, it didn’t come to much use for me. Anyways, don’t forget to update what you read. 🙂

  2. I am all for intoxication by reading.
    On your intro line however , I don’t think that most people drink to forget the pains or anything . They drink because they like it…end of story. My friend group in undergradudate drank to celebrate, Coming outside India, a drink is a socialising catalyst , We keep buying each other rounds just to keep the talks flowing…

    1. Hmmm, but don’t u think it’s becoming an addiction which cannot be avoided or abandoned because it’s a catalyst/route to your growth? I listen to stories of my fellow women where they want their husbands (who work in Sales/Marketing) to quit smoking/drinking, and the husbands want it too. But, they can’t because it’s an intrinsic part of their day-to-day lives. That’s the only way they get access to the inside-gossip, updates and goings-on of the company. I think it’s as bad a move as our moving from Indian toilets to Western toilets has been.

  3. Again going back to my comment , people smoke and drink because they want to smoke and drink. Some of my friends claim sharing a smoke responsible for getting them onsite opportunities, so I know it is true that it helps in socialising but its what you choose , I know of people networking over cricket matches, gym routines , marathons , bicycle riding . Its your choice of lifestyle , if someone thinks his or her career is very reliant on smoking or drinking …kudos you just put little price tag on your career and achievements… And what’s wrong with western toilets….. you can read newspaper in morning ……lol…

    1. Hahah, ya you can read newspaper but some of us tend to doze off too 😀 Also, not to mention that Indian version is more healthy for your body and intestines’ functioning. All the docs advise it for the kids.

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