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Limiting Friction

How much can the limiting friction be?

I’ve been meaning to, planning to, working to join a dance class/yoga class since almost a month. If not a month, then for a good 15 days at least. I’m resolutely working towards it.

Talked to couple of dance classes near work. Didn’t work out.

Found out some near home. Called, checked, confirmed…

Talked to Tarun, went to visit the place, check out the facility n stuff.

Everything is set. Even created a platform at home with MIL so that she doesn’t have any issues with our joining it.

Now, the only thing remaining is for it to become final. That’s not happening.

I mean, all set, and still not happening.

In Physics, there is a  term ‘Limiting Friction’ which is the friction which comes right before you set into motion. It’s supposed to be more than the static friction or motion friction that you feel when in motion.

But, how much more can it be!?


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