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Never say bad things about people

My grand-MIL is visiting us these days. She was talking to me yesterday. She hardly gets time with me as mostly, when she come to our place, I’ve a fixed and busy routine during week-days. And, co-incidentally, either she left by the time weekend came, or I had to go somewhere for the weekend. So, yesterday, I made sure to stay with her. I could feel from her eyes that she wants to spend time with her youngest daughter-in-law.

She is into spirituality and likes to talk about that. She feels it’s important that it’s passed on to the younger generation by those who really understand the ‘real-thing’. They believe that their Guru had a real ‘enlightenment’ and they were lucky to get his teachings while he was alive. No offense to their belief. I’m yet to believe in his ideology, though.

Anyway, the post is not about the ‘talk’ she had with me. The post is about the prologue to the talk. To start our discussion, to get me to really listen to her, she decided to praise me. And, the only thing she could come up with was, comparison to the other DIL. The DIL of the daughter she’s living with. 😛 😀

Not getting into the details of how she was bad and I’m so-called good, I don’t like it. I’ve been taught to -‘never say bad things about anybody’

This has been taught to me by a dear friend of mine and not by my parents. And, am proud of the fact. But, seriously, why do we need to say ill things about anybody. It’s not anger for that person that she was doing it. It was to make conversation. Imagine! Purely to start a conversation.

And, honestly, many of us do that. We do it at work to break inhibitions or to get friendly with the person sitting next. To make space in our  team. To make friends with the new neighbor. We supposedly are getting the person, or ourselves, up to date with the happenings around us.  And, frankly, I’ve used it myself. <ashamed>

But, that’s bad. It brings our bad trait out. It keeps us on a look-out for bad things in people. Rather than looking and learning for positive things in people, we become a sucker of negative energies. We start feeling a hidden motive behind simple or innocent acts of people.

If you actually follow the mantra – You’ll actually start finding so much happiness and positive things in your life and around you. And, you would actually know when things are really bad around you. When you’re in a bad company and need to move out. And, when it’s pure rant and no base.

Try the mantra, and you’ll see a very happy change in your life. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Never say bad things about people

    1. No. It’s not tough. It’s a matter of practice. Try bringing it into your mind for the first few times. Sooner than later, you’ll find it a part of your attitude.

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