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MIL sees a dream

This is soo funny. Actually, it’s funny in a sadist way.

My MIL sees a dream this other day. where she’s moving out of the house because we no longer want to stay together. And, it’s a mutually-accepted decision because it gives each of us more freedom and a harmonious life. And, we’re arguing over some point of who lives where. I’m saying something like that I won’t work in this kitchen, it’s so small…whatever whatever.

Any comments anyone?!

<Mr.God, would you like to comment?>

<Epiphany: Did she really see this dream? Or, was it a way of putting forward ‘her’ wish>

PS: She has no inkling of my personal feelings (At least that’s what we like to believe! )on this issue. Whatever I blabber on it is either on my blog or to my poor-husband.


2 thoughts on “MIL sees a dream

    1. Well, sometimes I feel so but then, other times, I feel like ‘no way’. If she does then it just proves that my husband is a big stubborn mule.

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