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I went to Nehru Planetarium over the weekend. My SILs children were visiting. I thought it would be good for them. Took Anay too. I had ‘mistakenly’ thought it would be good initiation for him. 😛 Well, Ya, I guess it’s too early for him. All the time, he was like ‘chalein – chalein -chalein’ 

Anyways, in the little time when he kept his calm and I could listen to the movie playing there, I came to know that Venus is considered incapable of life because it has carbon dioxide clouds forming in its environment. These clouds don’t let the heat cross out and makes the temperature of the planet as high at night, as during the day. This is precisely what Greenhouse effect is.

While I had heard and read about the Greenhouse effect, the meaning of it dawned on me only after watching the video. It showed how Venus’s climate is almost boiling with a temperature of 450 degrees, varying a little here and there.

If our insanity and our ways of living continue, our future generations maybe living in a similar climate.

I’m sure they would have found some alternative technologies with which there homes, roads, offices are all well-moderated with ACs etc etc. And, they will be living a so-called-comfortable life. They won’t be getting an opportunity of going out in the sun and playing cricket in open fields, like we do today. But, then, what’s the big deal. After all, we also don’t get so many things that our parents enjoyed. Remember their boasting of big gardens of mangoes in their villages, where they could run and eat as many mangoes as they wanted, while here we are, cutting one mango after dinner, for the whole family to eat.

But then, what about these floods, earthquakes, tsunamis which are now getting rampant on Earth? Will they be able to handle those too? Just like we are able to ‘handle’ them now? Hundreds of people die because of a calamity. The calamity is supposedly ‘natural’ , something we cannot control. We put up status messages feeling sorry for the loss of people. Some of us will share a relief number where people can reach to find out about the lost ones. Some more thoughtful ones will pray silently for the people stuck. One out of 1000 will go ahead and generate donations. 

But, in the midst of all this, I want to ask, is it really a natural calamity. Is that all that we can do? Is it not something that has been looming over the folks living in Himalayan ranges for long? Was it not known already that if Deforestation continued, if creation of dams on the wrong rivers, without analyzing the impacts, was continued, this would be the end result? Read the article for more info


When do we say ‘enough’. When do we ‘actually’ stop doing what we are doing and come up with something that puts an end to this madness. In the name of growth, by continuously exploiting the Mother Nature, we cannot grow. When will Man understand that Man cannot exist without Nature. He has to be in balance, on equal terms with Nature. 

If you read about ancient civilizations of Mankind, you’ll come to know that most of them were wiped out because of some ‘natural’ calamity (actually, at a time when Nature could no more hold them on herself). The over-utilization of resources, only taking and no giving to nature, they had to take the ‘wrath’ of nature.

Is the Nature really to blame?

Is there no way to end this down-path? 



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