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Life with A

You know, we have often heard in Bollywood Cinemas, in our books, that we owe to our parents. We can never repay the ‘maa ke doodh ka karz’. 😛 Well, no offense, but seriously sounds funny. 

After having A born, I often ask myself, if I would ever ask him to repay me for the work I’ve done for him. I mean, of course, our parents also never ask us to repay them for their time or whatever. If they ever do, they only use it as an emotional tool to get their thing done. 

But, seriously, I think every minute spent with a child, is a repayment. Ever since A has been born, watching him grow, watching the little bud un-curl and bloom, slowly, steadily, has been a blessing.

When A was less than a year old, he was so fragile, and so soft, it was difficult to imagine how he would survive if he was hurt in any which way. Even a single mosquito bite would look like a big, red blot on his skin. It seemed unfair that mosquitoes be allowed to bite a child less than an yr. When we slept with him in the center, he would often turn and position himself such, that he could easily take a turn and fall off the bed. We would wake up horrified. After all, he’s so small, he can get up in his sleep, and decide to fall on the other side of the bed, and we won’t even get a brush of him. On such occasions, I could just thank God, that nothing like that happened, and pass a silent blessing to A to – Stay Safe.

And, the thought comes that whatever happens in his life, now or later, is his destiny. We are just agents to fulfilling it. Whether we are part of his destiny, for how long we can be a part of it, is all fate. Our wishing can do nothing. If God forbid, something happens to us and we’re not next to him, he’ll still continue to live on and fulfill his destiny. It was just his fate to live it, face it, without us. 

I mean, forget the bad things, even the good things that happen in his life are just destined. And, it was part of our good fortune to be able to get that time with him. To share his joys, to be able to be there in the times of his need. To be able to provide him the shelter.

A child is not a support-system that God has given you for old age. He is the happiness, the little joys in your life, that God has sent you to cherish and enjoy, at present. So, rather than pinning him down with your responsibilities and expectations in adulthood, set him free, and enjoy watching his flight.

When he goes out and faces the world by himself, just pray to God Almighty —  ‘Dear God, be with him!’

I can only pass my blessings and a prayer for my tiny little soul, to be blessed. Because that’s all that I can give him and that’s all he owes me.


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