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Head ache

I’m having a head-ache right now. I’ve been having them almost all week. Randomly. Strong enough to need a pill. I took one instantly, without waiting today morning.

Am feeling sad…tired, perhaps….or maybe, disappointed. Don’t know what it is. Something like a dark gloomy thing overcasting my heart. Am irritated over small things. T felt it too. As a result, he’s irritated and gloomy too. He sometimes looks like a mirror to me. If I’m happy, he’s the bubbly self. When I’m gloomy or upset, even without knowing the problem, he’ll start getting worked-up over nothing.

He takes it out on family. His parents, or A.

I, however, usually go silent.  I brood and sulk, maybe look for a small, empty corner to cry it all out. 

I think it’s nice that we complement each other in this way. It helps when we both are angry. Both people shouting always leads to more trouble. 

I spoke to my childhood friend about my MIL-issues today. About how she’s no trouble and that’s the biggest trouble. About how I want to live separate without hurting anyone’s feelings. And, how, T just won’t listen to it. 

She gave me a nice solution to it. She says “Do what you want to do. Even if they have some different opinion or wish, you do your thing. It’s your house and you should live there like that. “

Perhaps, that’s where my problem lies. I over-think about hurting other’s feelings and never do things which doesn’t suit them. And, hence, I feel like losing my freedom or my way. Doing things my way, once a while, will help me. And, I think, parents don’t have a real issue with that either, unless it’s something dramatic.

Gotta try. Wish me luck. N have a good day ahead.

Am feeling better already.


One thought on “Head ache

  1. first, one should live freely in the space available, finding altogether new space to live may not be the solution.
    second, piling up things on back burner never yields a good recipe, cook it now.. coz this is what you have and you can be sure of !

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