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Tip for Acne

Ever since I returned from Bangalore, I started having those crazy acne pimples back. They hit me even when I returned from US. 

It has been almost 3 months and am juggling with them. After trying everything from allopathic medicines, creams, powders etc etc. I found the two following things useful.

1. Throw away all your face-washes. Use atta mixed with besan. I couldn’t believe that it could do such wonders. Initially, when my MIL suggested that to me, I thought I’ll have a layer of dirt on my face, from not using any kind of soap or facewash. But, seriously, it not just cleans your face, it cleans away all the dead pimples. 

2. Wheezal Powder: This is an ayurvedic powder, a version of calendula powder. It works on itches, rashes, wounds…you name it, it works. It’s like our one-stop for any kind of wounds. It has helped me a lot too.



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