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Kiddo starts to speak

Well, he’s been technically speaking since last December. But, talking as a mode of expressing your opinion or need or choice, he did yesterday. July 17’2013 goes into my diary as a remarkable day and another milestone in A’s record-book.

Since quite some time, we have been hearing him say things. While many of his counter parts are still babbling and not able to say proper words, he actually speaks clear words and proper sentences. (Yippee! Am so Prrrroooud :P)  But, most of the times, what we would be hearing was our dialogues delivered back to us.

For example

Me: Anay, aur khaoge? (at some time, t1)

Another day, another time, t2, someone feeding Anay.

Anay: Anay, aur khaoge? <means, Anay wants to eat more.>

Hahahah! Other times, he’ll keep repeating our sentences as we say it, behind us. Like a tape recorder, running behind me, in record-and-play mode. Good thing was that he would know which one of the recordings to play, when 🙂

Now, yesterday, we’re driving in the car and someone is walking up a trash mound, by the side of the road, attending to nature’s call. This is a normal sight in this part of the world. So, my little one, already mumbling something or the other, pauses and says ‘Uncle deewar pe chadd rahe hain, susu karne jaa rahe hain’


We had always heard of children speaking odd things and landing parents into awkward situations, once they start. For us, this was the day and this was the dialogue.

😀 We all had a hearty laugh.

And, let me add, this was not all. After reaching back home, when it was time for him to attend to his nature’s call, and I was cleaning him up, as he had done a messy job of it… he says ‘Mummy, Anay ko ulta pakad rakha hai, seedha to karo’

Both me and T were left dumb-struck staring at each other, with a common word on our mouths – ‘Bhaaai – saaab!!’


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