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Phew! I got over the limiting friction

Well, you must remember on how I had been trying to join something and start some fitness program in my daily life. But, it was just not happening.

Finally, after so many months of trying, not happening, trying, not happening, I and T went to the gym.

Well, it turned out pretty funny.

We put on our shoes, dressed up for the work-out. We reached the gym. We had talked to him a day before for some demo sessions. But, when we reached there, he said the shoes need to be running shoes, else you’re not permitted to enter the gym. (I was wearing those Mochi Roadies shoes. If they are supposedly good for Roadies Season, they should have been good for gym, no?! I wonder!!)

We came out sulking. I was particularly pissed with the guy and was thinking of puncturing his bike’s tyre. <Just Kiddin! :P> But, then T thought it’s just his job that he’s doing. Let’s forgive him this once.

Now, I didn’t want to go back home after starting off after so much preparation. I had pretty much announced to my MIL that we’ll be going to gym today onwards. Quickly did my bit with dinner, and had ventured out so enthusiastically. It would have been too much of a show-down.

So, I told T let’s just do a walk in the park, rather than going back. Let’s utilize this one hour we have taken out for our health.

So, finally, we walked. And, I was drained by the end of it.

And, I feel so fresh and happy. It’s been days since I felt this way. Light and Happy!



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