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And baby, we’re rolling! :)

Well, after grappling and trying to start something for my health, I mentioned that we visited the gym. (Well, yeah, we couldn’t go on to do a session, but we at least started)

So, yesterday, for the record, we joined the gym. 🙂

We went with Anay as he was not ready to let his Dad go. Already, he spends enough time without us. So, we decided to take him with us to the gym. The gym boasts of having a children-play-area where there are swings and stuff. But, the *Terms and Conditions* was that while they said there’s a care-taker till 8.00 PM for the kids, we learnt she’s mostly on leave. 

So, it was only me who could do the gym while DearHusband played baby-sitter to my son. I respect your sacrifice, hon! I totally do!

Well, I can’t begin to explain my enthusiasm, my thrill and my satisfaction on actually doing those exercises. While I had been going for our regular walk since past week, every day to ensure we get into the gear, this was totally a different experience. Did I mention that I got my running shoes!? How I wish I could journal each of my thoughts and little achievements in fulfilling this challenge. I cherish each and every step. Each and every one of it has been an endeavor, a silent battle, an achievement of its own.

So, continuing with my experience of gym, I could actually feel each one of those exercise working on different parts of my body. Different problems. Each one of the problem. The behind-the-neck-fat which aches every time I work long. The thighs during the cycling, which are giving competition to baby-elephant. The joint movement exercise which made me realize I had a problem moving my leg sideways.  

And then seeing that clock tick to the 15-minute boundary of cycling. 

After my zumba-class fiasco (well, lemme keep it for another post), I had started having trouble with my knee. That was causing me trouble every time I took stairs or if I walked for a long time. Or, kept standing for very long in the kitchen. I can say, pretty much, every day, I was having the knee pain. 

I was scared to board that cycle. I didn’t think I should be doing it at all with the knee thing. But, the physiotherapist was confident that there would be no trouble. Surprisingly and to my utmost happiness, he was right! 🙂 Doing that 15-minutes of cycling gave me more confidence than I have felt in an year perhaps. It boosted me to go on and finish the whole regime successfully, without panting or heaving.

Returning home, I was not just content on having done the gym, I could see the next Shilpa Shetty in the making!  😛 😀

Yo Man! Let’s get goin!


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