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The List of 30 …continued

Challenge 14: Get rid of my fear of dogs 

Even putting this in the list is a challenge which has been accomplished. I should perhaps be checking off a Challenge# for putting this on my list. 😛

People close to me, or who have been remotely close to me, know that I fear dogs. This fear has been with me ever since childhood. Perhaps, ever since I existed. I don’t remember any particular episode or instance which triggered it. It’s a primal fear that has been with me, Forever. While my mind knows that there’s nothing to worry. I even understand the dog’s body language to know when the dog is actually friendly or hungry. But, there’s a basic reaction mechanism which triggers the fear in me, and I react in the most humiliating ways. I mean, I feel embarrassed later. Or, at least, the people with me, feel embarrassed. I have to get rid of this nuisance. I read somewhere that you cannot control the action but YOU CAN control your reaction. 

Challenge 15: Go to US for some time with T and A

This is more of a dream than a challenge. While I perfectly understand the negatives of the act, the issues I’m gonna face with this, it has been on my mind and in my heart for so long now, that I have to try this. I have to do this to be at peace. I know the loneliness you feel being away from your family, especially your culture. I know the guilt you feel when you are not there for your parents at the time of their need. I also know the nomad-ness that it brings to your life coz the shift is temporary. But, wishes don’t have real practicality at the base, so…


Challenge 16: Get my space.

I don’t know whether living separate from in-laws is the answer to this problem, or living in a house with two floors is the solution. The base problem is ‘I need my space’. I don’t know how this will be executed. But, this has to be. And, I sincerely hope this gets fulfilled before I reach 30.

This is the extension of my List of 30 that I created. The previous list, where I added 13 can be seen here. (



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