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Was about to write this post last week, but never got the chance. But, it’s an important milestone. So, I must document it.

Well, everyone who has been reading me, right-through my past blog ( knows how I always pined for recognition and achieving my rightful position professionally. And, how I mentioned that if I didn’t get it in this life-time, I would perhaps become a ghost hovering over, because I would not be at peace. (

Today, as I reflect on my life these past three months, and my life before that, I can safely and proudly say, I have achieved it.

I have achieved the state of peace I so craved for.

This new company, this new job role, this new place has given me the opportunity to achieve that.

No, I haven’t received any awards or bonuses at work praising me for my work. And that wasn’t what I was looking for, either.

It’s the recognition in the day-to-day activities. It is in making your mark by doing good work and seeing eyebrows raised. Seeing that awe in the eyes of others. Seeing that mention of you in regular meetings for the expert view on a subject. Seeing you achieving results that you used to aim for but never could achieve.

I am awed myself.  I won’t say it came easy. I won’t say it came without hard-work. But, I never burnt any night lamps either.

But, more than anything else, I think it came because I never settled for less. Because I couldn’t. And, I only have God to thank for that. Thanks for the turbulence and thanks for the peace now.



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