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The City of Clouds – Mt. Abu and The City of Lakes – Udaipur

I went on a vacation. Yay!

It was a long weekend here. With just 1 leave, we managed to get an escape of 4 days from the maddening life. Tarun, Anay and me, together with the family of Tarun’s friend. They are also 3 of them, the friend, wife and son.  The son is a few months elder to Anay so we all had a great company.

Our trip included a quick trip to Mt. Abu and 3-days stay in Udaipur. Having the problem of motion-sickness induced in a journey to the mountains, I never enjoy the mountains as much as I would love to. Sadly, Anay seems to have inherited the sickness. Thankfully, once there, we both are good and dandy to enjoy the scenic beauty.

The rains, the view…ohh, it was breath-taking. Mt. Abu showed me how living in clouds would be like. I mean, we’re walking on a busy market street at night, and we can feel the misty clouds around us. And, No! It’s not fog. Their, in that place, you can differentiate that this is not fog but actually clouds. It’s a wow experience, totally unforgettable! It was all very green. Together with slippery and dangerous roads.

You can see people living closer to nature here. Langoors (another breed of monkeys who are more dangerous and can harm humans, if provoked) roam casually. People use wood to heat big cauldrons for supplying hot water to hotel rooms. You can see the contrast in the lives of city-people and mountain-people in these day-to-day activities. I don’t think I can ever stay calmly at a place within 10 yards of a langoor. 😛

Because it was raining, there were multiple water falls we saw on our way. As per our car driver, these are not coming from any where up, but actually from within the rocks. Basically the rocks soak in water and keep them inside. During rains, they overflow and hence the pretty water-falls. And, it’s a splendid sight.

After the local sight seeing it was time for us to move to Udaipur. And, wasn’t I anxiously waiting to be in the city of Bandhej, Rajasthani folks and the likes. You can summarize it into one word – ‘Shopping’ 😀

So, we reach Udaipur through car. The drive was around 3 hrs from Mt.Abu and a lovely sight. I didn’t get much of it as I slept through half of it. Sorry, plz blame it on the heavy paranthas I had before starting on it.

One word of caution : Never book hotels from That’s what we did and had a terrible time. I’ll leave the sorry story for some other time.

Udaipur : To be continued.



2 thoughts on “The City of Clouds – Mt. Abu and The City of Lakes – Udaipur

    1. Ohh, I wish that too. Not sure if I can get around to snatching the laptop from Tarun for uploading the pics. Else, these are also going to go down in the camera’s memory card, just like so many others before it. :-/ Hope not!

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