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Kiss on the mouth

Yikes! Ummmmmmmm!

That’s the simplest way I can describe my first kiss. From my very own son, Anay. Hahaha!

Well, it happened yesterday. And, though such things and subjects are not generally mentioned in India, this is something that I MUST catalog in my blog. My personal journey. And, this was a milestone. 

Normally, I keep kissing my son on his face, his cheeks, his head, his arms…. pretty much every inch of his body, barring a few specific inches 😛 AND, kissing on mouth. That is something that I never did, or was not permitted, I should say, by my husband. He thought it was too ‘unhygienic’. It was kind of an unspoken rule. 

But, yesterday, the most hilarious thing happened. And the unavoidable, the most crucial in a mother-son relationship, happened.

So, I and Tarun are reading out a book to our son. And, Tarun and Anay are in their most high-spirits and animated forms. All with hands and jumps and what nots. So, while I read out animatedly about Tiddler, the fish, the Dad kept doing actions to show what the words ‘squiggle’, ‘wiggle’ etc meant. Anay, seeing his dad jumping, flipping and what not, started copying him. (He’s a big copy-cat, Anay!).

And, suddenly, the Dad realizes he’s extremely happy with the Mummy’s rendition of the book and kisses her. And, since the son was copying all that Dad was doing, holds Dear Mummy, and comes kissing her.

Mummy Dearest, turns her face, left, then right, to avoid the mouth. But, No! It has to be the mouth. And, there comes a smack. My eyes are tight closed, knowing what was coming.  A kiss full of saliva, and soft delicious lips. 


And since next expression on Dad’s face was of horror and eyes tight closed, the monkey apes that too! And starts blinking his eyes. 

Ohh God! The laughter, the giggles, the splits I was in…. and the face-palm expressions of Tarun. I just couldn’t stop laughing. Tarun looked like he’s defeated. He’s lost the battle of exclusive rights to his wife. I mean, I don’t know what was exactly that he underwent. But, for me, it was all pure hilarious. And, I totally loved the experience. I laughed on and on and on! I mean, endlessly. And, I still can’t avoid laughing when I think of it.

Can’t wait for more of it. 😀


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