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Life is busy

Life is going crazily busy at the moment. Lots n lots n lots of work at office. 

For the first time in life, for the first time in my career of 7 yrs now, I’ve come to the point when my day is totally full with meaningful work. I can feel my mind’s CPU running at 100% (seems like 200% actually) speed. There are times when I have people asking me something and my mind goes totally blank or clueless. It takes a minute to process his question and answer. 


I’ve been meaning to get back and write about so many things- family, Anay, work etc etc. But, never got to.

But, over all, am loving it. Every single minute of it. Every aspect of it. It feels like I’m challenging my boundaries. My mind’s processing capabilities.

“Dekhna hai zor kitna baazue-quatil mein hai”

Life’s going fine at home. I have felt more peaceful at home now, ever since I returned from my trip to Udaipur n Mt. Abu. Nothing happened on the trip but I can feel the difference. I’m no more fighting inside me for space at home, or with MIL. I’m more in harmony with my surroundings. There are jitters once in a while but nothing major. 

Anay is doing fine. Tarun’s grandmother is visiting and Anay spends most of his time with her. Voluntarily. Ignoring everyone else in the house. He never sits silent with any of us but lies down with her, in her bed and keeps talking to her over something or the other. No clue what he’s talking of. But, watching him enjoy her, and watching her enjoying him, is a very beautiful sight. 

They say that kids behave the same way with you as you behave with them. He’s never silent or calm with us. He’s mostly jumping like a monkey when he’s around us. Perhaps, the child is a mirror image of you. 

So, you can understand who’re the monkeys in the house 🙂

Take care. God bless all.


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