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Smart Smart Anay

Anay still drinks milk from his bottle. While he’s very much capable of drinking water, cold-drink etc from a glass, he refuses to leave bottle for milk. So, all people in our house keep trying to convince him to take up glass. Normally, our regular technique is enlisting the benefits of drinking milk in glass.

1. All adults drink milk in glass.

    Anay’s answer: Anay to abhi chhota hai na! (Anay is small right now)

2. Wow! The sipper (kid’s small glass) has such beautiful pictures on it! There’s an animal there too! 

    Anay: My bottle has cartoons on it. Bottle is so nice!

3. Adi (Anay’s cousin brother) also drinks milk in glass.

    Anay: Anay to abhi chhota hai na!

Tired of all these, his dad decides to try a new technique.

Tarun: I’m the Tiger. I’m gonna eat you, the Rabbit. <charging towards Anay>

Anay: <comes and fights his Father away>

Tarun: <dramatically> Ohh, this Rabbit is strong. I’ll drink milk in glass and become strong. <animates drinking from the water bottle lying there.> 

<comes and overpowers Anay>

Tarun: If the Rabbit wants to win, it needs to drink milk from glass. Then only it will become strong like me.

Anay: <goes to the same water bottle, animates drinking from it>. I’ve drunk milk from the glass and now I’m strong too. Ha!

Me and Tarun stare at each other dumbfounded.

Hahahah! So much for imbibing values into kids. 




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