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Real vs Fake

*The post has been written in bits and pieces, so it may look a little off*

Today morning, while driving to work, I was talking to Tarun about a colleague.

He works in our company and is in Tarun’s team. A bright guy, intelligent and smart, but still a simpleton.
He’s from a far-off place in Rajasthan, where his parents are perhaps not even educated. He went to school because some teacher came to their village to get the children enrolled. I think that should explain the humble surroundings he came from. That’s the peak of poverty, illiteracy or unawareness, or whatever for me.
But, the post is not about his background or how far he has come from it. The post is about his simpleness. Whenever you talk to him, which involves any personal information about him, like his family, his wife’s pregnancy, his parents, or himself, he never hides anything. He’ll give you all the information. Holding nothing back.
This is so less-seen an attribute. This is pure trust. Trust and faith he shows in you, the listener. And the listener is not someone specific, he’s that way with everybody. 

Nowadays, even the people you call ‘friends’, you know, who are actually a little more than colleagues. They chat with you, listen to your silly jokes and laugh wholeheartedly. But, even there, you can see some faking. You can see that they laugh with you and you laugh with them because you have reached an MoU of sorts amongst each other. They don’t really, purely enjoy you or your company.

The people who are honest and clear, they are so light. So light to talk to, so light to be with. And, how coincidental it is that the person is a non-Delhiite by birth. Both me and Tarun enjoy talking to him.


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