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IIT Delhi

Our office offered us a 10-day course in IIT. It was on Low Power Design. A very basic course.

First, about the teacher. Dr. Vishwani D. Agrawal. He was great. I’m extremely humbled to have attended his classes. He has been in the industry and teaching since a long time and still the humility, the grass root levels that he comes down to, to explain the thing, his way of teaching, it was amazing. I totally adore such teachers. They instantly become my idol. I think it’s not about the task you’re doing, it’s about your attitude towards that task which makes you excellent. And, I think they have excelled that virtue.

Then, IIT. Aahhh. As much as I say, is less. We went there for 8 days. Including 1 Saturday. It was a super-crazy, maddening 2 weeks. The travel from home to work, then work to IIT, then back. There was a Hackathon going on at work too. I was participating in that also. Then, we had to submit assignments almost every other day for the course. They were assigned a day before and were scheduled to be submitted the next day. (What else were we expecting in a 10-day course!? Bahh!)

But, just those 2 hours of being in that campus, being ‘there’, was worth every bit of it. I absolutely loved the whole experience. I agree that by the 8th day, I was totally tired and was having aches thinking about traveling again the next day, but if I have to do it again, 1000 times, I would do it.

When I spoke to other people, like family, relatives etc, young ones, about it, they thought after so long, we’re more mature than being crazy about the campus. But, I don’t know the whys and the why-nots. I just know that ‘I was’. I was totally crazy about that campus. The canteen, the peacocks roaming around, the open air, the students around on cycles, sitting and discussing work, projects, etc. The SCOOP stationary shop. Ohh, the best hand-made chai and samosa!

And yes, on the first day that we went, the fest was on and DJ was goin on. Ahhhhh!!! The enthralling crowd, and what amazing DJ. I don’t think I’ve witnessed a better one. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

My heart aches when I think of it. When I remember. I wanted to just settle there. I wanted to just sit and absorb the whole of it in. Just sit and slowly watch each one of the areas so that all of it stays in my eyes, and never fades away.


And yeah, did I mention that KarvaChauth also fell on one of these days. So, it was hackathon at work, then travel to IIT, study, then get back to work, work some more, then head back home, get all dressed up, and wait for Mr. Moon to appear before you got anything to eat. πŸ˜€ Suppperr! Phew!

These were the best 10-days of my life.


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